What’s Your Calling? Words of Wisdom right from The Inbox

What can I say about calling?  Hm, I think that Jeff Goins describes the concept so well, that I’m going to just let him speak :)

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This post was sent to me today in my inbox and I just love how Jeff puts a concept together at a time that I need to hear it, and then sends it…right when I need to read it.  Clever.

His full post, Your Calling Doesn’t Always Look like You Think it Should can be read here, but I just wanted to share this little excerpt which touched my heart:

Little did I know as I was pursuing one path in life that my true vocation was hiding in the shadows, watching from afar like a distant love interest.

That’s the funny thing about a calling. It can sneak up on you.

Some people wait their whole lives for the right career, refusing to begin their lives until clarity comes. Longing for a vocation to complete them, they sometimes never find their life’s work.

What I’ve discovered is that the opposite is true. While we wait for our callings to present themselves, they are waiting on us to wake up.

Read the rest of Jeff’s insightful musings here.

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Why so serious?

I asked myself this question yesterday.

Why are you so serious when you write Miriam?  The answer?  No clue!
Hanging out with the physio and she put this crazy contraption on my face so she could work out why I was so dizzy!

Hanging out with the physio and she put this crazy contraption on my face so she could work out why I was so dizzy!

I’m not always that serious when I speak or when I am around my friends.  So why is it that it comes out on the page this way?
And why is it that some people seem to be able to make your insides shudder with joy and your core muscles think they’ve had a workout and others, perhaps like me, seem to pull your brain in all kinds of directions, probably leaving you with more questions than answers?
Why can’t I be intentionally funny too?
Yep, it's really me :)

Yep, it’s really me :)

I sat here this morning and thought ‘I’m going to write something funny’.  Ah, yep. Nope.  Nothing’s coming…I can be funny.  But try to be funny?  Nah.  It just doesn’t seem to be my destiny!
I love to follow a great writer called Jeff Goins because the first thing I ever read of his was about accepting the writer that you are and declaring it.  I think this too, follows on from that concept.  It’s like the songs that I write.  I’m not great at love songs.  I’m certainly not a funny song writer either. Trust me. I’ve tried that one too.
The reality is, I write what I know, what I see, what I feel and what I hear.
Whatever comes out of my psyche today is what falls out onto the plate and I hope that it is a meal worth eating and enjoying, even if it’s tone is more serious than humorous.
to write is to birth what is already conceived...

to write is to birth what is already conceived…

I will tell you thought, that I do know one thing:  we are all born to carry something and to deliver something.  Perhaps this is my ‘something’?
Until next time…


One more sleep!


Stages of excitement

Well, tomorrow is the day!

One more sleep until my very first foray into the Australian Independent Music Awards.  Found out that it’s sold out too, so there will be about 2000 people celebrating independent artists!  What a great time it will be.

Photo on 6-11-2013 at 4.18 pm #3

Just want to send you all a thank you for the support I have received over the years.  Honestly, many times I have wondered if this is the right thing to do and the support I get just keeps me going.  Really grateful and love you all for being there to help me along my merry little way.

So…….THANK YOU!!!!!!

In love and honour,


AIMA Finalist Song: All that is within me

So I came across this blog I wrote a while back about the first time we used ‘All that is within me’ for corporate worship and I thought I would reblog it.

This is the song that has been chosen as a Finalist for the Australian Independent Music Awards this year and I am really surprised and elated to have been selected.

So without further ado, here’s the blog.  I hope you enjoy :)

Often times I am asked ‘How did you write that song?’, ‘How did you get those words to come together?’ and other intriguing and challenging questions!

So here are some thoughts from my heart to yours…

All that is within me by Miriam Miles.
All that is within me by Miriam Miles.

Earlier this year I was at my antique piano and just playing around with ideas.  As is per the usual, there are times when I get to a point of frustration and am dissatisfied until I hit a new idea.  So I will try lots of different chord progressions, keys, etc until I hit on something that ‘resonates’ with me (pardon the pun).

This was one of those times.  When I feel lazy, I’ll revert to chords I love, or that are easy but I wanted to push past that this time.

I was in an emotional state of frustration as well and feeling like I really hadn’t had much encounter with God recently and then I began to think about King David.

Suddenly as a melody began to waft up into my consciousness, and I began to play this ‘classical’ feeling arpeggio, the words of King David began to follow suit.  ‘My soul will magnify the Lord’

Well, that was all it took.

I also had some lines from an old attempt at a song that ended up making the chorus ‘seated on the throne…’

I spent a good hour or so on this song – it kind of developed bit by bit, section by section.  I love that it did because it’s made the piece easy to dissect and sing just one part or another at a time.

The most amazing thing for me about ‘All that is within me’ is the continual feedback I get about how it makes people feel when they sing it.  The first time we introduced it at church, it was well over 20 minutes later before we finally stopped playing, the flags stopped waving, the dancers stood still and the room finally went from spontaneous ruptures of joy to restless quiet waiting…only to have the congregation and Pastor spur us on to play it again.

I have NEVER had that happen before or since.  A feeling I will never forget.

Because of the intensity of this song, it has become the title track for my latest work ‘All that is within me’ and I hope that as you listen, you too are impacted by whatever it is that Holy Spirit has deposited on this piece.  I am truly privileged to have written it and consider it one of the Lord’s most treasured gifts he has given me.

Click here for your free download of All that is within me.  If you would like a lead sheet to use, royalty free, click here All that is within by Miriam Miles. Thanks so much for your support and be encouraged to share this song.

Oh My Goodness!!! Feature Artist of the Week!

Just a quickie to share my very first interview ever!  What a great feeling :)  Thanks so much to Fast Track for their support and for organising such an exciting opportunity for local artists.

Here’s the link to the interview that was posted on Facebook.  Please feel free to share!

Thanks for all the support!

In love and honour,


Choosing to step out of my comfort zone

Recently I decided to take myself seriously.  I have always been a musician and a writer but have struggled for countless years to really get a break in either.  I would start with gusto then stall, run back into my shell and stay there for a while again.  I did this by convincing myself that the fear I felt must have been a sign that I was heading in the wrong direction, which in some instances was true, however not all.

This year I made a choice.  I chose not to allow this fear of the future intimidate me any longer or control my options in pursuing my dreams.  As a way of activating this new mindset, I entered into a couple of singing competitions and started up a little creative writing service so that all of my creative skills could be utlilised.

Well, the business is going very well and I am now working between 15-20 hours a week writing for small businesses, getting paid and loving it!

And the music?  Well, I made it through to the heats of the Fasttrack Singing Showcases here in Sydney and sang on Saturday night last week.  I decided to sing two original songs and the short story is that I made it through to the semi finals…and won the Feature Artist of the Week.

I also have a song nominated for the Australian Independent Music Awards which blows my mind!

Winning Feature Artist of the Week 2013

I cannot tell you what this all feels like.  I’ve never been much of a competitive person, let alone really experienced in the sensation of wining!  This new journey is insane.

I also want to thank the incredible friends and family who have journeyed with me thus far and the cheering squad I had on the night – couldn’t possibly do it without ya’ll!

So, I just want to encourage you.  Take hold of what it is that you’ve got burning in your belly and take a step forward.  Don’t’ look back and most certainly don’t stop walking forward!  It’s totally worth the ride!

Cheers for now.  I’ll update once I know more of what happens next :)