Pondering Love…

Wafting over me like a soft summer breeze,
I smell the hint of Perfume, just long enough to recognise it’s Source…
a rush of tingles travels over my skin…I know You are here.

A sudden but gentle pressure envelops me as I sense the stirring of the air,
the hairs on my skin standing to attention as I feel my skin come alive with anticipation.

I know You are here, I can feel You.
I am caught in Your gaze,
despite the knowledge that my eyes cannot yet see You…

Oh glorious rapture – Love – piercing me with arrows of intoxicating Eternal Presence…
spreading like an unstoppable virus that I do not wish to contain…

I will gaze upon You,
forsaking all others just to be captured in Your arms,
to be carried by Your very Presence…
to perhaps one day experience just a glimpse of Your eyes…


What's your thoughts?

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