My Pleasure

Wave after wave

Released to sing,

YHWH, Lord

Our Coming King!


Your Glory beheld

In the sun soaked sand,

The shadow of trees

And the lay of the land.


The clouds testify

Of Your Peace;

The blue sky

Radiates Your abundance

Unseen to my eye.


Sparkling sands

Flash like precious gemstones,

The Lord of this land says

‘This truly is home.


You’ll hear My voice cry out

With bird call and breeze,

My pleasure’s for you

In the slow life of ease,


Spent wandering with Me

On the freshly washed sand,

Let’s walk and let’s talk

Hand held in hand.


I want you to know Me

There’s so much to know,

Through the wash of each wave

And it’s rhythmic flow.


I want you to see how

My hand gently curves

The lay of this land

And the flight of the birds.


I want you to see that

I’ve made this for you;

This picturesque bounty,

This breathtaking view:


That through this great land

Of wonder and awe

My greatest achievement,

Is you, I adore!’


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