Endurance. A letter of encouragement from the King of Glory…

Dear Beloved,

Endurance is a mindset. It’s not about getting it right every day. It’s about keeping the focus sharp and in sight at all times. It’s about knowing what the destination is yet living in the moment well.

Sometimes you are caused to endure in ways that are emotionally challenging. This is because you are yet to experience the fullness of the journey, the culmination of the hard work. Emotions can cause you to feel unravelled and doubtful.

So how do you combat this one?

You keep my words close to your heart.

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The value of re-reading your journal

As human beings we have an extraordinary capacity that no other being has.  We can write.  We formulate ideas, expressions, theories, paradigms and feelings and can then articulate them in written form.  So many of us keep a journal of some sort.  Why do we do this?  Why the compulsion to put down on paper that which has transpired, or that which has become revolutionary to our thinking, or even that which has hurt us deeply?

I believe that we write because something happens inside when we do.

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