Endurance. A letter of encouragement from the King of Glory…

Dear Beloved,

Endurance is a mindset. It’s not about getting it right every day. It’s about keeping the focus sharp and in sight at all times. It’s about knowing what the destination is yet living in the moment well.

Sometimes you are caused to endure in ways that are emotionally challenging. This is because you are yet to experience the fullness of the journey, the culmination of the hard work. Emotions can cause you to feel unravelled and doubtful.

So how do you combat this one?

You keep my words close to your heart.

Those that were written in the Bible as well as my personal words to you regarding the mandate for your life.

It’s all about knowing who you are and what you are here for and keeping that focus of who I am as the head of all of that.

So on a practical level, it’s worth having a folder that has the truths written about you, that relate to your journey, in chronological order so that you can read through that, you can re-establish the things you may have forgotten, you can remind your will and your emotions, that I am completely in control of your life and have nothing but my promises to fulfil within that.

I have come that you may have life, and have that life in abundance. This is not only about prosperity, but about having a prosperous soul, a mindset that sees the good that I am doing in amongst the hard stuff. A mindset that declares my goodness, my will, my mercy and my love.

And so for the joy set before me (my destination point, my mandate), I endured the Cross ( I set before my eyes all of you, and kept my Father’s promises foremost in my mind), that the great love and grace of my Father would be available for all.

Many have had to endure great hardship. Many have endured ridicule and failure. Many have endured isolation and loneliness along the way. But what they that succeed have in common, is the sharpness of their focus upon who I am, who they are, where they are going and what they are doing. In that order.

You see, some succeed in this world by focussing on what they are doing, and some by where they are going and many on who they are. But to establish all four focus points as one focus, I must be that initial focal point.

I succeeded in my mission because my heart, mind, soul, my very being was focussed upon my Father. It was him who taught me about who I was, but I could only know that by knowing who he was. It was him who established where I should go and what I should do, but I could not do this with boldness and authority unless I knew who he was.

So I encourage you: be systematic in your focus. Know who it is that comes first, seek first the kingdom and all that is. Then allow My Father to minister to you revelation of who you are and you will see where you are to go and what you are to do.

Love always,



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