Exciting plans afoot :]

Hey there!  Just a quick update to let you know what’s been happening in my world and of the exciting plans that I have for the rest of 2011!  So far this year I’ve been involved in playing at various events from small group free worship to leading worship for the awesome Patricia King visit that we had in April!  What a great time!  I’ve met some incredible people too, including the lovely Francois Botes, Dan McCallom and Stephen Roach and worked with outstanding folk such as our small but very devoted worship team at Berowra Baptist Church.

Musically it’s been quite a ride too, with the release of a spontaneous instrumental album, Unique Frequencies, which is available for sale and also for free download if you would prefer.  I’ve been writing like a maniac – songs and poetry as well as consolidating my thoughts about worship and the season we are in and how that looks as a teaching tool. I’ve just completed a new soaking cd in collaboration with a good friend that will be available from www.wateroflife.org.au very soon as an mp3 download.  Stay tuned for that one 🙂

Overall, I’d say it’s been an outstanding year to date and it just got better!

So, this coming weekend, I’m excited to be a part of a fantastic group called Water of Life , which is leading a women’s conference.  ‘Crowned with Grace and Favour’ will be a 2 day extravaganza, with worship galore, incredible teaching and workshops for you to sink your teeth into. Shameless plug I know, but you’ll have a choice of Prophetic Art, Hearing from God and One to One Worship.  To top it all off, we’ll be hosting an unforgettable feast at the end of the Saturday sessions so come with your bellies empty for that insane degustation!

Then in November I will be hosting my very first workshops!  I am teetering between excitement and sheer terror as I contemplate the task of keeping on track for 2 hours!  So if you would like to come to that, there will be 3 sessions, all on Sunday arvos.  Contact me at uniquefrequencies@gmail.com for further information.

And to top it all off, I have also decided to hold my first concert this year.  Come for an encounter-filled experience where I will be choosing from a selection of songs that I’ve penned over the years and throwing in some spontaneous works as well as I am lead by the Holy Spirit.  It’s going to be epic!  You’ll need to book in for this one.  Check out the details and booking link here. 

So of course as always, I am writing and teaching and generally trying to keep the many compartments of my life running smoothly but at least it’s going to go off with a bang!!!

Thanks so much for your support.  The journey is just getting more excited every year!

Cheers for now,



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