Just you and me

Seventeen years ago today

My heart to you I gave away

In everything you say and do

A man of love, you are, it’s true

You’ve walked with me through coloured days

By my side in every way

You’ve stood your ground when others sway

Declaring love, come what may

And so to you I shall declare

My love for you I’ll never share

For you and I we are complete

Life with you is more than sweet

It’s everything I want and more

It’s all a girl could e’er hope for

It’s you and me, no in between

It’s better than any kind of dream

And so today I make my case

That loving you was no mistake

So all that’s come and still will be

We’ll walk as one, just you and me

By Miriam Miles

What to do…what to do?

Ok, so the office is a bit chaotic today.  There’s washing in the lounge room silently accusing me of not folding it and the bed is still crumpled from a night of tossing and turning.  The lesson plans haven’t been gone over, the notes for teaching on the weekend are yet to be finalised, I’ve still not planned out the remainder of the year (in order to not end up overwhelmed!) and I can feel the ‘Christmas Season’ beginning to loom over me!

So what to do on a day like this?  How do we assert our will over a day where everything is trying to assert itself over us?!!!   Continue reading