What to do…what to do?

Ok, so the office is a bit chaotic today.  There’s washing in the lounge room silently accusing me of not folding it and the bed is still crumpled from a night of tossing and turning.  The lesson plans haven’t been gone over, the notes for teaching on the weekend are yet to be finalised, I’ve still not planned out the remainder of the year (in order to not end up overwhelmed!) and I can feel the ‘Christmas Season’ beginning to loom over me!

So what to do on a day like this?  How do we assert our will over a day where everything is trying to assert itself over us?!!!  

Right now, I am sorting.  I know.  Some would clearly call this procrastination.  And perhaps it is.  But I think there is a need for being able to ignore the pressures of what seems urgent, and being able to stop and ‘recalibrate’, if you will.

I think that this is an internal instinct that we have a tendency to ignore and perhaps when we ignore it, we allow ourselves to become fatigued, mentally, emotionally and physically. And we all know what stress really feels like when we get this way.

Perhaps, this feeling, this drive to stop and realign, is actually an inbuilt alarm clock that we should listen to more readily and allow it to be a time that is of use rather than one of feeling upset at not being good at ‘keeping it all together’.

We need to give ourselves a bit of permission to pause, to reevaluate, to restructure or reorganise, to redefine and realign so that we can stay squarely upon the path we believe we should be on…or get ourselves back onto it if need be!

And so, as I listen to some groovy electronica to get my mood ‘up’, I will stop chastising myself for procrastinating, and instead call this a time of recalibration and consider it to be a good use of my time, rather than feeling like I am letting myself down due to ‘being disorganised’ and such.

Today I am choosing to listen to that gut instinct that says ‘pause, wait, take stock, listen, rest, recalibrate’.  I’m going to take the perspective that by allowing myself this time, in trusting my intuition, the work I will produce will be that much better, that much more articulate and well-defined for having taken the precious moments to wait.


One thought on “What to do…what to do?

  1. Hi Mim – I did that yesterday – rested, that is. Wasn’t feeling too crash hot at first, went back to bed for another 3 hours sleep!! And then spent the rest of the day in the recliner, knitting and watching TV!! I just felt that I had been doing too much and my body was saying ‘slow down’ and rest. So I did. I feel so much better this morning, Praise God.


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