Thoughts on choosing to be silent

What I have been experiencing over the past 3 days does not come close to colouring in the pages of one whose voice is or has always been silent.

You see, I have the choice to speak once the point of frustration in being misunderstood over and over, gets the better of me.

But what about those who have never encountered the vibration of sound passing over vocal chords?
Or the one whose voice has been prematurely stifled from illness?

My few days of abstinence are but a playground for my mind to dabble in, to try and grasp a vapor of understanding of what life must be like without a voice.

May I never forget this precious time of self imposed silence. May I always remain sensitive to the world around me that sometimes may just be better off without the frequency of my voice pummeling its surrounds.

Is correcting someone more about me being right than them being informed?

So here’s the scenario.

You receive an email or facebook message (or whatever) from a friend.  They’re telling you about this really cool thing they’ve just discovered and they are totally excited… and almost right with their facts, but not quite right.  You know this because you happen to think you know more about the subject matter than they do.

So what do you do?

I know what I do.  And I’ve just discovered how distasteful the realisation is in my mouth. Continue reading

Speaking by listening

So I’ve been ‘fasting’ from speaking and have today and tomorrow to go. 3 days of not speaking is harder than you think!
But what I am learning from this is the realisation that we could all do so much more listening in our everyday lives. My ‘conversations’ have been paper based and so every time I am asked a question, the person has to wait until I can write it down. And I’m finding my answers are a lot less flowery than normal!
Perhaps it’s a worthwhile practice, to participate in being silent more often, to quiet the mind, and the vocal chords?
Perhaps we spend so much time speaking that we forget that there are other thoughts floating around, waiting to get out, but can’t due to our personal ‘flow’ of conversation?
I know for myself, that I am a verbal processor and even on paper can be tediously long winded! Perhaps this is a worthwhile exercise, to reconfigure how I communicate in both the verbal and non-verbal world?
Perhaps there are many more things to think about than things to talk about?
Over to you…

Working with the ebb and flow of creativity

Recently I was asked how I manage ‘writer’s block’. This was my response.

I write lyrics, poetry, prose, blogs etc and there are times when there just doesn’t seem to be any flow for more. I used to panic a bit about that, but then one day I realised that when I was getting a lot of creative ideas, I wouldn’t bother to keep a record of them all and would just work on what was most prominent.
So then, I realised that I have times of great increase in creativity and times when my mind just has to process life and the best way to keep myself from being blocked, is to:

Accept that there are seasons of creative flow that are stronger than at other times

Record as much as I can, even if it’s just a sentence here or there – never taking the smallest things for granted (‘notes’ and ‘voice memo’s’ on iPhone are great for this as it goes to my mail account or iTunes and I can then just archive those ideas on my computer!)

3. Using those little snippets of ‘nothing’ as launch pads for when I feel like my creativity is all dried up at that time.

By doing this, it seems to take the pressure off and I feel more at peace which seems to be having a positive impact in creative seasons lasting for longer! Not quite sure how or why that is the case 🙂

It’s not foolproof by any measure, but for me, this is a way of life now which enables me to accept the seasonal oddities of my life and draw from my most productive times in the times when everything seems dry.

Oh. One last thing. I journal. Anecdotal as well as deep heart stuff that’s really personal. Helps get the frustration out in a private forum and sometimes I’m really blessed with an unexpected poem, lyrics or piece that encapsulates the deep feelings and I can use that in work later on.

All in all, creativity is within, continually. It really doesn’t leave us. It is us. We are the creativity. So when you are feeling ‘blocked’, consider taking stock of who you are and what you have achieved so far. It’s like taking ‘feel good’ medicine for the soul and somehow, looking back over what you’ve done in the past spurs a burst of self confidence and self worth that can’t be understated.

Of course you have to filter out all those ‘you’re no good’ phrases that bombard the mind. Just consider locking them away in a cupboard for later while you concentrate on boosting your soul and reminding yourself that you are an incredible piece of creativity yourself! That always seems to unblock any areas for me!