Speaking by listening

So I’ve been ‘fasting’ from speaking and have today and tomorrow to go. 3 days of not speaking is harder than you think!
But what I am learning from this is the realisation that we could all do so much more listening in our everyday lives. My ‘conversations’ have been paper based and so every time I am asked a question, the person has to wait until I can write it down. And I’m finding my answers are a lot less flowery than normal!
Perhaps it’s a worthwhile practice, to participate in being silent more often, to quiet the mind, and the vocal chords?
Perhaps we spend so much time speaking that we forget that there are other thoughts floating around, waiting to get out, but can’t due to our personal ‘flow’ of conversation?
I know for myself, that I am a verbal processor and even on paper can be tediously long winded! Perhaps this is a worthwhile exercise, to reconfigure how I communicate in both the verbal and non-verbal world?
Perhaps there are many more things to think about than things to talk about?
Over to you…


4 thoughts on “Speaking by listening

  1. It has certainly been an interesting ‘process’ being on the other end (so to speak) of you not talking. It has been much quieter (obviously), but it is interesting to watch others trying to deal with it. They tend to talk much more quietly, sometimes even whispering, which is rather funny if you think about it. But also trying to understand your ‘sign-language’ has been an exercise in itself!! It can be quite frustrating for both parties when the ‘sign’ has not been understood, so you have had to resort back to paper (or Notes on your phone). Personally, though, I am glad it was this week that you are doing this and not next week when we will be on a plane together for 13.1/2 hours!!


    • Ha, yes indeed it has been an interesting experiment. So far the most prominent realisation is how little one needs to say to convey what one wants 🙂


    • Haha!! Susie, I’ve been wondering how I will communicate – plus I have 3 students tomorrow too! I’ve decided to go with paper and pen :0 It’s actually quite refreshing to not feel like you have to say EVERYTHING that’s floating around the brain box!!!


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