Thoughts on choosing to be silent

What I have been experiencing over the past 3 days does not come close to colouring in the pages of one whose voice is or has always been silent.

You see, I have the choice to speak once the point of frustration in being misunderstood over and over, gets the better of me.

But what about those who have never encountered the vibration of sound passing over vocal chords?
Or the one whose voice has been prematurely stifled from illness?

My few days of abstinence are but a playground for my mind to dabble in, to try and grasp a vapor of understanding of what life must be like without a voice.

May I never forget this precious time of self imposed silence. May I always remain sensitive to the world around me that sometimes may just be better off without the frequency of my voice pummeling its surrounds.


What's your thoughts?

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