Shabbat Shalom…

I find it intriguing that as I wait on God, trying to patiently listen and accurately hear His voice and act upon what I hear, it seems almost impossible to feel any sense of direction!!  All the ‘to do’s’ seem to scream out at me, pulsing like they are a living breathing organism defying my very attempt to try and gain some perspective in my day!

Felt like this? I would think so 🙂

So what shall we do my friend?  When we feel like all the signposts are written in an alien tongue and all the roads have been wiped clean of any sense of direction?

My sense, is that in these times, there is one thing we can do that will give us time to breathe and recalibrate.  We carry out what in ancient times was called Shabbat Shalom.

What is Shabbat Shalom?  Aah, I’m excited to tell you that it is something so wonderful and rejuvenating that you’ll want to schedule it into your calendar!

Shabbat Shalom is a combination of two beautiful Hebrew words that were used in conjunction with the Sabbath.  Following is my very raw and unlearned approach to understanding this beautiful phrase.

Shabbat means ‘ceasing or stopping, and is always used in the Hebrew Bible for the 7th day, the Shabbat, the day work ceases for the purpose of rest’.  (Leviticus 23:3).

Shalom means ‘being in a state of wholeness or with no deficiency and it goes further than the idea of peace from war’.

When you put these two words together it translates ‘May your day of no work be peaceful’ and can also mean ‘may you become whole during your ceasing of laborious work’.

So my friend, when we are feeling like the earth is spiralling off its axis and the ability to control the day to day is overwhelming, I encourage you:  take a Shabbat.  Intentionally choose to take a day of personal rest from the laborious and the trite.  In taking the time to truly rest, we are able to allow our All-Wise, All-Knowing Father the opportunity to rejuvenate our weary minds, our strung-out bodies and our time-poor thinking.

We become realigned, recalibrated, restored and re-wired!

Re-fuelled, re-awakened  and rehabilitated!

We are revitalised, regenerated and refreshed!!

Trust Him.  I know that in our culture it is hard to both take time out for rest, and also hard to trust that what you are doing is of more value to your life than striving to complete what we are doing.  BUT I have learned from experience, and years of fighting this notion of rest, that when I choose to allow this time, my work becomes more focussed, my time is spent more efficiently and my relationships are kept in a healthy balance.  I feel in tune with my Maker and my world.

It’s worth it my friend.  Why don’t you get your calendar out and make some time available for your Shabbat.  And let me know what happens!!


What's your thoughts?

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