A seed must become something

Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I was thinking about seeds.  I know, a bit eccentric, but that’s how my brain functions 🙂

All seeds have a purpose.  Some germinate and flourish and produce more seeds. Some never germinate. Some germinate but then don’t have the right environment to flourish in and so eventually die or become a deformed version of what they were meant to be.

I am thinking that we are all a bit like seeds.  I am thinking that everything that is within us – our thoughts, our words, our character, our mindsets – are also seeds.

Hmmm…Now I am thinking that as I develop and grow into a flourishing and seed-bearing creation, what I bear is going to be what is coming from within me.

So then, perhaps it goes to also say, that I am responsible for those seeds within me.

What I focus on, feeds those seeds.

What I believe nourishes those seeds.

What I say births those seeds.

What am I going to birth today?

After a couple of not so great sleeps this week, and a meeting to go to this morning, I am fighting the desire to allow negativity and self doubt to formulate and take hold of nourishing the seeds within me.  It’s definitely a fight today.  And that’s ok.  I know I’m going to win because I’ve decided upon the outcome.

I’m choosing to receive and participate in only the truth about who I am.

And so with that, I have chosen that which I will allow to influence me, and therefore, influence the growth and development of the seeds within me.  I have chosen to listen only to what God says about me, even if my emotions are not quite on board yet.  I will remain staunch and stoic and maintain my careful guard over those seeds that have been planted within me, that the fruit I birth will be wholesome, flourishing, seed-bearing and everlasting.

So I encourage one and all to take a moment to check the health of your seeds 🙂  There might be a bit of gardening to do, but as you choose to nourish them intentionally with what you focus on, what you believe and what you say, I think you’ll be pleased with the plants that grow.


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