Letting go of good things

Often we talk about letting go of things that hold us back – relationships, bad jobs, clutter, bad habits etc.  But how do we cope with the reality of letting go of the good things, in order to embrace a new season in life?

As I watched a video this morning of some wonderful friends dancing, and I contemplated the amazing group of people I have been surrounded by in the past 5 years, I became unexpectedly emotional.  The realisation that at some point, I may not be within coo-ee of these friends – that eventually I or they, may take on a new season, and perhaps even a new destination – hit me, and even though I felt a sadness, it was mixed with the deep wine of love and mercy that comes from communing with like minded folk and living life day to day, side by side.

So how do we deal with letting go of these good things?  What do we do when we know that God is moving us on to a new season and that this new season does not include those who we have ‘grown’ with in the current one? How do we process this and allow the goodness of that time to flow like a river into the new soil we are about to tread?

My thoughts come from having moved and relocated many times and having to build new relationships and leave great friendships behind so I hope that I might have a few pearls of wisdom up my sleeve by now 🙂

This is what I have come to learn.  You allow yourself the freedom to let go.  A move into a new season does not always allow us to maintain the relationships from the current season and this can be very distressing for some.  I have experienced that distress and from first hand knowledge can tell you, it’s not worth the damage it does.

Allow yourself permission to let go.

I’m not encouraging you to break friendships.  I’m not encouraging you to cut off ties to the community you’ve been growing in.  What I am talking about is the emotional ties.  No reason why you cannot continue to maintain deep friendships long distance.  It’s a wonderful thing to have friendships that have carried with you over the years of change.

What I am saying is:  don’t carry the emotional baggage that says ‘you’ll never have friends like these ones again; you won’t be able to find another community like this one; you’re going to be alone because you’re leaving behind the only true friends you’ve ever had; and so on’.

This kind of baggage only has one purpose: to bring you down and keep you grounded in a lie.  That lie is that you are better off/safer/happier/etc if you stay put and don’t walk into an ‘unknown’.  That lie becomes a reality when you allow yourself to carry the negatives into your new season, causing everything you view to be viewed from a negative mindset.

Instead, dwell not only on the new season and all the excitement of a new adventure, but take the time to allow your heart to soak in the deep contentment of the relationships you have built. Enjoy the memories and even the tears that flow.  Give yourself permission to grieve the passing of a season, but also give yourself permission to revel in the delight of a new one.

I hope my thoughts are helpful for someone today.  Please feel free to comment on your own experiences of letting go of the good stuff 🙂

Carpe diem,



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