Guilt free resting

As I awoke at 8:15 this morning, which for me is a two hour sleep in, I breathed in deeply at the thought of an agenda-free day.
It’s now 2pm. I’ve managed to eat some food, check emails and Facebook, catch up on some fave tv moments and wonder at the notion that I feel no guilt whatsoever that I’ve done zilch else!
So why is it that when the rest of the fam are around, I become the qunitisential Stepford wife, pretending to care about all the ‘to dos’ that must be done on a Saturday?

What is it that drives me to push everyone, including myself, around on our day off?

It dawns on me too today, that I could knock off a heap of my own todos and yet something deep inside says to rest…

But what is rest, really? Is it just the physical body being given time off from activity, or is it more than that? And how do we really switch everything off?

My sister and her lovely man are currently off the grid for ten days. Literally! No phone. No Facebook. No laptops etc.
A part of me envies them. But I am also keen to hear about how they handled the tech-free quiet – was it hard? Did they have moments of craving their cyber link to the world? And would they do it again?

My current stand on the matter, as I sit here huddled up next to the heater in my pjamas, that I don’t have a solidified answer to my pondering as yet.

I’d love to hear from others on your take on the concept of rest. What do you do on a day like today? How do you define ‘rest’?


What's your thoughts?

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