In the eye of the beholder

Just a quick thought today: what is the measure that we use to justify a ‘productive’ period of time? How do you quantify a day full of ticked-off items?

I question this because it’s been occurring to me lately that I have a very high measure of what I consider to be a productive time, and that perhaps my measure is not only very high but is also possibly unrealistic 🙂

So now what do I do with this?

I take the time to intentionally wind down the measure and reevaluate my expectations and then try to put that into practice.

I think ultimately the answer to these kinds of questions lies within each individual’s acceptable measure of productivity. If you can assess and work out what your measure is, carefully consider decreasing that measure, even just a little, you might just find some breathing space in your day 🙂

Anyway, I’m really just thinking out loud. Feel free to add your thoughts to the mix 😀


One thought on “In the eye of the beholder

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