The Big Red Bus, The Tube, The Black Cabs and The Javlin

Transport in London is extraordinary. I’ve never seen so many red buses, black taxis or options for travelling. You can even hire a bicycle for as little as a pound for an hour to ride around the city!

Predominantly we have walked and then caught the Tube, which is a clickety clackety tram-like system that runs underground. I think officially it’s called The Underground but affectionately known as The Tube. And it’s loud. My goodness. Forget deep and meaningful conversations. Forget conversation! It’s like a rocket is about to take off and every time we’ve been on one my ears have popped! It goes so fast.
But then you have the Javlin. Top speed: 140 miles per hour. Yep. Wild stuff. But unlike the Tube, this is quiet, clean, pristine in fact and above ground. You can catch it all over town but the preferred option still seems to be the Tube. Sometimes the carriages are so full that people are literraly pressed up against each other. There seems to be no limit as to how many people can be on board one carriage!!
So far I”ve not had the opportunity to catch a taxi or bus. But everywhere you look they are there, ready to be utilised by hundreds of thousands of Londoners and tourists.
Overall, I think travelling around London is a lot easier than I first thought it would be. Glad to have Andrew to navigate though!

If I was to compare Sydney transport to London transport…hmm, well, to be honest I think London has got it down.  But in all fairness, I’ve not ventured out of the city area so am not sure how good it is for the outlying areas.  But for inner city travel they’ve got all the bases covered.

Just one of the many travel options here in LondonAnd I love it.


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