Is the grass really greener?

I am always intrigued by how easy it is to be sure that something I want in life, is the be all and end all of all desires only to find out once I have access to that desire, or once I begin to achieve that goal, I suddenly realise it’s not actually what I thought it would be.  Or the focus that I thought was so much a ‘God’ thing, just turned out to be a ‘good’ thing 😛

So what do we do with these unexpected crossroads in life?  I suppose at some of them, we readjust the gears, perhaps realign the steering wheel and take a different turn and at some we pause for that moment, check our navigation system and keep pressing in the same direction.  And then there are times when there is a big sign in front of our direction that says ‘no way through’ and we are forced to reassess and change direction.  Sometimes that sign is so small though, that it’s easy to miss. Perhaps it reads ‘not a great idea to go this way’ or ‘perhaps you should reconsider this direction’.

As you can imagine, being a creative person, writing songs, singing, performing, leading people in worship and teaching on living a lifestyle of worship, I have loads of opportunities to take hold of what’s on offer and run with it!  I am regularly presented with ideas, with songs to collaborate on, with performance opportunities and to lead people into a deeper encounter with God.  What I find the hardest, is to work out which opportunities are going to bring God the most glory and bring others into a deeper relationship with Him.  Because when the rubber hits the road, that is the core desire in my heart.  Relationship.

So in everything I do, in everything we do, there needs to be a core belief that drives those activities, thoughts, dreams, focusses.  Without it, I am just floating along, taking on everything that comes my way and not really having a clear understanding of how that all comes together to serve my core desire.

I write this today as I ponder the choices that I have made this year and consider what’s next for me.  I know that the choices I make will carry no condemnation from my Father, because He knows my heart and He has me securely wrapped up in His arms, but I do want to be a good steward of everything put before me and sometimes I think that means that the end result looks different to what may otherwise seem like a perfectly acceptable and wise decision to make.

This is what I do know: the older I get, the more I realise that the success is not so much in the end result, but in how I handle the journey along the way.  Each turn I take brings with it both challenging and inspiring opportunities and how I handle those, I think, is ultimately more important that which spot of green I end up sitting on at the end of the race 😛

So when it comes down to it, I believe the most important thing to do when we come to a crossroads, is to take the time to assess, to respond with as much maturity as our experience allows, to consider closely the potential outcomes before us, and to choose.  There is no harm in choosing and then choosing again.  I consider it not so much a ‘backing out of something’ as a ‘repositioning of my strengths for a greater purpose’.  No failure mentality allowed 😀

I hope and pray your day is filled with success, with satisfaction and with hope.  If like me, you are faced with opportunities that cause you to stop and pause, I bless you with the time to be able to navigate carefully and successfully!


Miriam Miles


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