What frequency do you resonate with ?

Ok, so slightly obscure title there, but I want to gain your attention! Every now and then I am consumed with the need to create sound that transcends the norm, that goes beyond words and predictable ideas, that takes both myself and the listener into other realms of experience.

My circa 1890’s upright German Thurma piano has a very individual sound that I’ve never been able to replicate in any other instrument. As I’ve been playing it since I could sit up, I suppose there is a natural synergy between us, despite one being human and the other being man-made. It’s like that moment when you sit with someone and you just feel that sense of resonance between you – a knowing that you are so very much on the same page that words are superfluous. I can sit for hours without striking a key, waiting, drawing my spirit deeply into focus and there my piano sits with me, waiting patiently, knowing that any moment my fingers will collide with those old ivory keys and we will begin a dance.

Today has been one of those moments, waiting till the frequency rises from my spirit, waiting for the pitch to hit my senses and then tenderly, gingerly, I touch the keys and the resonating dance begins once again. Sometimes sound escapes from my mouth in harmony withholding nothing. Today my offering to your ears is one such moment in time.

No it’s not super produced. It’s raw. It’s spontaneous. It’s today’s offering. What does it say? I’m not entirely sure. All I know is it’s like that of the writer, who cannot enjoy the day’s sunshine without having the moment to write and express what it feels like.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 Here’s the link to Waiting Still.




What's your thoughts?

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