When to fight and when to rest

I’ve been wondering why my mood has been a bit hum-drum over the past few days and it occurs to me that my motivation is waning.  It then prompted me to ask myself, is this one of those times when I take that waning motivation and push some productive mantra into it until it comes back to life, or one of those times when a pause to reflect is the order of the day?

So then, this is my question: is a lack of motivation to be ‘productive’ actually a form of productivity in and of itself? Hmmm… Perhaps.  Perhaps the times when it seems I have ‘gone off grid’ are the most productive times and the creativity that is seen on a public level is just the result of that time.  Perhaps we are classifying the outcome as the productive part of what we do, when it might be that the ‘dormant‘ part is where the ‘seen‘ part is being developed, matured, seasoned and prepared to become the seen part.

I hope that made sense!  A bit paradoxical but if you take the time to really think that last bit through I believe it does actually make sense 😛

So how do we embrace the season of apparent dormancy and allow that time to really ‘take its own time’ and trust that the best results will ensue?

If you’re anything like me, creativity comes in waves.  I am not likely to spend 320 out of 356 days being productive.  In fact, if I truly set out a graph detailing the days that I churned out some form of creative flow, I may find that perhaps half of the year I am apparently not doing anything with my time!

As you can imagine, and may very well encounter yourself, this can be an alarming thing in a culture where results are the most important thing regardless of the process that had to be nurtured to get there.  As a creative, I can often get overwhelmed by the ‘voice’ of society that speaks loud and clear:  no results, no affirmation.  Which for me translates as ‘no results means Miriam is lazy, unproductive and shallow’.  Not sure why it translates like this but we all have a filtering system that produces a default mindset for these things.  As things stand, I’m still working on developing my new default mindset!

But seriously, as I sit here pummelling my well-worn laptop keys, all the while conscious of the small but noticeable wave of fatigue wafting around my limbs, I am drawn to this notion that some of us are born to think, to process, to ponder and to bring to maturity new perspectives, ideas, concepts and precepts that will eventually shape the culture that surrounds us. I tentatively consider myself to be a part of this group and hope that my thoughts do come to a place of maturity and have a positive flow on effect to those around me 🙂

So I encourage you to take some time out this week to consider what the concept of productivity means for you, how it affects your day-to-day outcomes (because let’s face it, we all love a good result!!) and if there are any areas that need some recalibration!

As you do this, put pen to paper (or fingers to keypad) and embrace what you discover.  Perhaps you are in a season of rest, internal and unseen growth.  If so, take it seriously and watch with great anticipation the distillation of your thoughts.  I think you may be pleasantly surprised 😀

With much love and hope,



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