Release Your Song God – prophetic song for the nations

So I was just practicing the songs for worship this morning, preparing my heart for Sunday’s corporate gathering and as sometimes happens, I found myself playing with a new melody.  At first I was just fiddling with the unusual cross-pollination of pentatonic and major scales and then words rose up into my mind from my spirit…Ancient of Days…

Immediately my senses became alive with the knowledge that Holy Spirit desired to release something.  Often this ‘something’ comes out as a song from Him to us, but in this instance, as has been a prominent thing of late, what came was a prayer to release the Song of the Lord over our land.  I’ve been getting quite a bit of song about the nation and the surrounding lands and so thought that I should activate this prayer and release it for you to participate in.

I was seeing our country, Australia, however I noticed that Holy Spirit did not prompt any words that would indicate any particular nation and so I realised that this is a song for all people to sing over their own nations.  He is so efficient 😀

So, as usual, this is a one-take recording, on my iPhone, sitting at my very overly resonant upright.  I’ve added some ‘atmosphere’ because it was so much fun to create 😛  I would suggest you give yourself about 10-15 minutes to listen and respond.

I hope that you are blessed by today’s offering and that Holy Spirit releases a revelation for you, that as you listen, you are able to encounter The Great I Am.  This is my prayer for you.

Release Your Song God – prophetic song for the nations

Love and Blessings always,

Miriam Miles


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