To be known by the Father

My desire is to be known by the Father.

I am coming to the realisation that to be known of man bears no consequence on that final day. To be known by millions or even thousands has no relevance when I will stand before my Maker.

Will he know me? Gladly I would throw away all that I have worked toward that I may be confident in knowing that I am known by the One who loved me first.

Is it the desire of The Lord that we make the most of who we are on this earth, that we may increase in capacity to do his will – to love and to serve each other that more may know of his great love?

Of course. He says to go in his name and make disciples, heal the sick, set the captives free.

But do I need a following of fans in order to achieve this? Do I need statistics that prove my value to the world? Do I need a bank balance or a spreadsheet that reveals the popularity of my music to prove the revelation of my heart? Do I need to record another track to show my devotion to my faith and vocation?


I need but one thing. I need the tangible and pure presence of God in me and on me. I need a revelation of Christ and a revelation of who I am in him, will flow so strongly that all around me will know of his truth.

I need but one thing. To abide in him and he abide in me. All things flow from this place. All else is striving for my place that has already been won.


What's your thoughts?

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