Community spirit still exists :)

I walked past this on a building in our little community that had been ravaged by fire recently. I was struck by the kindness of a stranger and their offer of support to the people affected and how nice it was to see this kind of community spirit in action in our little neck of the woods.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that general kindness just doesn’t exist anymore, what with people walking past each other like the other does not exist (just incase that person might mug them/recall ‘stranger danger’ education) and most of us not knowing what to do let alone have the fortitude to stop and help a stranger in need (think blown tyre on the freeway might really be a kidnapping).

But when I saw this the other day, I was encouraged and inspired.

I was struck by the simplicity of the message but even more so, impressed that this person, who may or may not be a personal friend of the proprietors (I’m assuming perhaps he’s a customer?) was kind enough to leave his mobile number on the door as well.

This, his personal and private information, on a public wall, for all to see.

Anyone could prank call this guy if they really wanted to. There are people around who find that fun. Never quite worked that one out. But he left it anyway and what it says to me is this: this guy, who left his number and offer of support, was thinking of one thing and one thing only – someone else in need.

I love that. Just a simple few words on a fire ravaged building that offer support, concern, care and community spirit.

This is what makes my heart stir with joy.


What's your thoughts?

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