Where Go’ed my Mojo?

Hm, the weather is sour. I’m sure that the sun has not even graced our boarders as yet and despite a decent sleep, I still feel dreary, unmotivated and distracted, despite the growing list of things I need to attend to on my planner beginning to spill into my consciousness!

So where did my Mojo go?

Do you have times like this? Easily distracted, restless, unfocused and with a care factor of around -2? What do you do to push yourself out of such a funk? Or, in fact, do you find that these things are just seasons and you pass through without much effort, coming out ‘the other side’ feeling bright and cheerful again?

I’ve touched on the topic before about learning to discern the days that are ok to just be flat and not feel the need to push or to work through the emotional lag but today I am wondering if in fact, the decision is not to ‘go with the flow’ but to push, to drag myself by the tail and knuckle down and DO SOMETHING!

You see, I’ve done the ‘living life by my emotions’ track. It’s not super effective. You tend to miss out on so much of the world around you when you let the flat days envelop time. And despite the highs being times where you might get a lot of creative activity happening, the focus is not as acute, the capacity to finish projects is weakened and so the effectiveness of those times is also depleted.

So where do you ensure the pendulum stops swinging? At what point do we stop that swing from side to side and find a balance where we are both able to manage the flat days as well as high days, and maintain a sense of productivity that ensures personal satisfaction?

My personal thought is that it is a case by case/person by person scenario. No two people are alike so why should we assume that we can create a 10 steps to this or that and expect it to fit all people and their profiles?

There is one thing I have found to be effective. And it’s something that regardless of race, economics, religious beliefs, political or financial standing, we all have power over.

We choose.

We choose our responses. We often might not be able to choose our circumstances or the outcomes of those circumstances, but we sure can choose our responses to those circumstances and outcomes. I am reminded of Corrie Ten Boom who was a survivor of WW2, a Dutch Christian woman who survived the camps and was renown amongst those with her for her calm, her poise, her capacity to respond in a way that stayed true to not only her beliefs, but her character. I am sure there were times where she just wanted to die. Just wanted to scream. Just wanted to rant and rage against the machine. But she made choices, daily, hourly, minute by minute, to stay true to her point of balance.

Corrie ten Boom, a woman of inspiration. If you’d like to know more about her phenomenal story, click the pic ๐Ÿ™‚

If I was Corrie Ten Boom, I think I might not have had the sense of peace she carried. I would hope that I would but deep down, I am not convinced of having the same level of resilience as this woman and so many like her. My circumstances are so far removed from her reality (and not to mention the current realities of so many around the world facing dreadful circumstances), that I find it hard to see myself being so strong, so resolute.

But what I can do is think of her and compare her situation at that time, to my situation right here, right now, and give myself a fair little slap on the face for being complacent and apathetic. Because today, as it stands, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of me achieving my goals, being focussed and motivated, being positive and proactive.


Ok, so metaphorical slap out of the way, reality check done, I have two choices. I can say to myself ‘cool, I have a great life and I should be more thankful that I am so free to choose how to spend my time’ and then go and waste the day watching telly or bumming around pretending to work on my laptop… or I can say the previous statement, get into my planner and scratch off some of those bothersome to do’s, choose how I am going to spend the rest of my day and replace the emotional flat tyre and get back on the road.


So if you are feeling flat today, or any other day, make sure you do a bit of a self check. If you’re physical exhausted, your mind and body are communicating a desperate need to stop, to pause, to breathe, then do so! No one needs to run themselves to the ground!

But if, like me, today you find yourself without much reason to do the above, perhaps it’s time to dust off, get up and do what needs to be done. Mojo has a habit of returning when we push it ^_^

May all peace, joy, enthusiasm and strength be yours today,



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