Signs of a good marriage by a teenage boy :)

Good day to y’all! Just a quick one today.

We were on the train coming back from a leisurely sojourn in the city with our teenage sons (16 and 13) and my Mum. We’d had a great time just hanging out, trawling through Paddy’s Markets and sampling amazing Asian foods and were all now ready to head back home. My hubby is a bit of a prankster and had both my hands locked in one of his (he has really big hands!) and was doing silly things such as tickling my knees. It’s a game he often plays with me and despite my best attempts, I usually end up stuck and unable to help myself and it all climaxes with fits of laughter.

Well today was no exception to the rule and we now had all 5 of us laughing. Fortunately the train carriage was not really full and so the chaos really didn’t affect anyone else!!!

Then the pearl of wisdom from Master 13.

‘You know when you’re parents are ok; you know a good marriage, when you have this – when you make each other laugh even after 18 years’

What a feeling. To have something so profound and uplifting declared over your marriage, your relationship, your life.

There is power in words.


What's your thoughts?

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