Be governed by rest…

Be governed by rest. Govern all you do from the mindset of rest, Shabbat shalom, my peace in you, through you and around you. When you govern your environment from this place, you affect the world around you.

My peace becomes your joy. My rest becomes your strength.

Choose to live outside of your circumstances. It’s as simple as choosing what to eat each day. You know good from bad. Simply make the choices as they are presented to you. There is no striving in making decisions.
Indecision comes from a place of anxiety and a fear of being left out, forgotten, and considered a failure. With each choice that seems insufficient or has a negative result, you will build a case against yourself and foster a mindset that insists you are unable to make choices.
Anxiety builds and this binds you, securing the enemy’s attempts to thwart you from making any progress and encourages you to continue going around and around the mountain (staying where it is familiar and safe territory), never finding the ‘right’ spot to move into new (unknown and possibly challenging) territory.

Choose the place of rest. It’s as simple as any mantra or self help internal dialogue.

‘I will choose to stay in the rest of my Father, to live from peace, to live in Shabbat Shalom. I choose to live from this place instead of from what is fragile and incomplete. I choose to let peace rule in my heart and not anxiety or fear.’

Each time you choose, you gain more ground. Simple. The world understands the power of self talk. So talk to your self. Talk to your emotions, your thinking, your spirit. There is no mystery here. It really is as easy as 1,2,3.



2 thoughts on “Be governed by rest…

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