What do you do with a day like today?

So, it’s 2:33pm, Sydney time.

Hmm.  Still sitting on my butt, ‘working’ on my laptop.

I’ve sent a few emails and avoided a couple too.  I’ve kept the telly on purely because when I turned it off, everything seemed so silent!

I’ve forced myself to eat some healthy food (so a win there) and updated some website stuff.  Oh, and put away the groceries.

Gee.  There’s a part of my brain that is screaming at me, right now, with phrases such as ‘lazy’, ‘unproductive’ ‘unfocused’ and ‘slovenly‘.


Then there is the other part of my brain whispering…’be at peace’, ‘no condemnation’, ‘do what works for today’.

So what do we do with days like today?  I see the reality of my husband working very hard and being an exceptional provider and a very work oriented servant.  His mind is always on the go, always doing what he can to improve the work he does, always working hard to provide for us as a family. He never chastises me  or judges me for being a ‘be-er’ rather than a ‘do-er’.

Never.  20 years. Never.

And then there is me.  Musician.  Writer.  Bum?  🙂  Perhaps it’s my self projection that is the issue?

What do we do when our brain is having its own little world war?  How do you navigate a day like today?

So far, now at 2:55pm, I have decided to do what I can do on a day like today.  Think.  I’m a good thinker.  And from those days where all I seem to be able to manage to do is think, comes songs, poems, blogs, concepts, ideas and new mindsets.

Perhaps there is no such thing then, as a wasted day?

Don't think poster


Well, there you go…

Thanks to the kind wordpress people, here are some interesting stats from 2012 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Music should be free…

Begin to see who you are, become awakened to the possibilities of the freedom that you carry and become inspired to go further than you ever dreamed...

Begin to see who you are, become awakened to the possibilities of the freedom that you carry and become inspired to go further than you ever dreamed…

Ok, so that’s a loaded statement for sure 🙂

It’s been on my mind a lot lately.  Why do we charge for the sound of heaven?  I’m not dead set against charging, so please don’t jump the gun and think I’ve gone totally mad!

But I have been looking at this question for a couple of weeks now and considering what it’s answers are in regard to my own music.

My conclusion so far, is that many times people hear and interact with my ‘sounds’ without a single monetary exchange and yet I still charge for music that I produce…I am not really sure there is much of a difference between what I do ‘for free’ and what I do ‘for charge’…

So, at least for now, I am not going to charge for what I create.  It just seems…unbalanced in this season of my life.

Therefore, if you want some music, please check out the latest stuff here and download what you like, and/or go to http://www.reverbnation.com/miriammiles to listen to more and download/share what you like.  All I ask is that you be kind enough to keep my copyright details intact.  I will not be seeking royalties 🙂

If you would like to support what I am attempting to do, you are more than welcome 😀  Just have a look at this video about supporting Unique Frequencies and hear about where your financial contribution would be going.  It’s really where all my time, effort and creativity go.

Thank you for the support so far.  It’s been fantastic and I look forward to hearing about how the music I create interacts with your life and the season you are in.

With kindest regards and in love and honour,

Miriam Miles

Bard for the Most High God.

Permission for the season

Driving into Canberra, my heart is aroused by memories; a reemergence of childhood mindsets ready and waiting to be given voice. The stirring is heavier at this time, as I ponder the reality of my beloved Dad being gone now for 2 years.

Brought to mind then, is this reality and many like it, for others experiencing the same stirrings and memories. My heart is awakened to you today and the desire to bless you with mercy and grace in a time that can be awkward and demanding, frustrating and overwhelming, is foremost on my mind.

I too feel that pressure to be ‘ok’ – not a pressure placed upon me by loved ones, although I realise that for some you may be experiencing that – but more a pressure to conform to our cultural norms and be present in the moment of Christmas celebration.

So I stand with you, even though we may not stand shoulder to shoulder, and I send to you an embrace of permission.

Permission to let your heart take its time to navigate the unknown territory of grief and loss.

Permission to take stock and let your spirit, soul and mind let go as only you can.

Permission to cry and permission to laugh.

Permission to be real and honest and fragile.


If you are unable or unwilling to be fragile amongst those who you spend this season with, please know that you are not alone. Know that many are with you in this journey and you’re going to be ok. I will be ok. We will all be ok 🙂

May this time of joy and wonder bring to you also a season of healing, restoration and reconciliation.

Merry Christmas.

In love and honour,


What if?

So…what if the Mayans are right? Now don’t get all flabbergasted. I don’t believe they are but let’s just take moment to consider the implications of time running out for everyone…

What would you consider to be the most important thing to deal with if you really only had a day left?

How would you spend your last moments?

How would you spend your last moments?

It’s got me to thinking about my life and what is of utmost importance…and you know what? With all that I’ve personally achieved and all that I still desire to do, my first and foremost consideration, is that of relationship.

I desire to be in right relationship. Right relationship with God and man.

Right relationship. Being of a clear and unfettered connection with those I love.

And so for me, if I have just a day or two left to live, that’s what matters most.

The rest is like chaff blown in the breeze.

Covered amidst the storm…

There are days that feel like I am walking uphill, backwards and wearing thongs (that’s flip flops for my US friends!) – in other words, just hard work.  And I know that I’m not alone in this.

Sometimes, life can be like a roller coaster and it’s not only my emotions that are feeling subject to unpredictable and challenging situations 🙂

I’ve been to that edge of darkness…where the internal mishmash of half-baked thoughts and un-caged emotions implode, creating a space where there is no light.  I know the face of depression as well as the hysteria of anxiety.

Covered amidst the storm by Miriam Miles

Covered amidst the storm by Miriam Miles

But I also know the quiet place of Love, the garden of peace where my heart, mind, body and soul can be restored, refreshed and re-calibrated.  I know this place because I have encountered someone who makes this place my reality…

I am covered by His peace, joy and love.  His mercy flows over me, melting away that which would desire to consume me, bathing me in the warmth of His light.

I am covered by Light Himself and no storm that comes will touch the deep places of my being again.

Great, simple, entertaining and enlightening advice for us newbie writers 🙂

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While this is aimed primarily at writers, I have an inkling that the same principles apply to current or aspiring professionals in graphic design, fine arts, photography, or any number of fields.

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The Paradox of Love

The Paradox of Love

The Paradox of Love

What is it about Love?

How is it that we can be loved, feel love, receive love, give love when we can also see, parallel to this, the state of our heart?

Today I drew this little picture.  It’s no Rembrandt.  But it’s my way of trying to understand possibly the most paradoxical thing a human being will ever have to understand:  Despite all that I see in myself, good or bad, there is One who loves me…

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave…

He loved first.  Before I could do anything to prove my worthiness of his love…before I even drew breath…I was loved.

I call this a paradox simply because my mind is unable to comprehend the reality of my heart as I see it (which of course, can see every shade of my good and bad) alongside the reality of a Father who chooses to love me despite what I see.

I suspect he is well and truly aware of all my shades… which makes it all the more extraordinary to comprehend how he can love me regardless.  I’m no criminal or fiend…but I see the colours in my heart and until the day comes when I meet him face to face, I expect I will always live in awe and wonder at a God who made the choice before time began, to love me.

Let’s just say today is the day…

My beloved friends, family and global community,

It is time for reconciliation.  It is time.  Deep down, in your heart of hearts, you know it.  We all have a space within us that should be filled with the love of another, be it brother, friend, father, mother, spouse, child…

You see, we are all built for relationship.  So when we have a break in relationship, it tears us open, leaving a wound.

Let’s just say that today’s the day.  Let’s say that today is the day to mend the bridges that carry life… to choose how the next part of our co-joined lives will play out.

I wrote a little song on Sunday.  I’ll soon post the recorded version but for now, felt to post the lyrics, in hope that your souls may be soothed and your minds turned toward bringing forward that which needs to be reconciled.

Let the River flow…

Time comes oh and time goes,

Day in and day out like a River flows.

I’ve not really been here very long,

So all I can say is what I already know:

Let the River flow

Life goes round like a merry-go

Round and round in circles

Just like time goes

Pictures, memories, capture innocence:

Love found, Love lost, Love recompensed…

Let the River flow

Let the River flow

Let the River flow

Flood the lands of my heart

Take me back to the start

Before time, before loss,

Cleansing now all the dross.

Memories just like time

Gather dust: let’s unhide

All that was, make amends,

Chasing tails…comes to an end…

Let’s just say that today’s the day:

Clean out the cobwebs – let’s make a way.

Dampen the embers that light the fires

Mend now the bridges that carry life…

Let the River flow

Let the River flow

Let the River flow…

(c)2012 Miriam Miles.  All rights reserved.

Nothing like a freshen up :D

Well, after days and days of searching through website themes and tossing up numerous stylistic ideas, I have finally done some ‘freshening up’ here on WordPress to finish off the year.  Ultimately I am planning to completely update my official website but that’s going to take a bit more time and forethought so for now, feel free to have a peek and check out some of the new features on here.

New and freshened up website :)

New and freshened up website 🙂

You can now access my primary music site, where I have a plethora of songs and albums for you to listen to and choose to buy from as you desire.  I will be doing some more updating there too so stay tuned (haha, sorry ’bout that one).

You can find me at Reverbnation at www.reverbnation.com/miriammiles where you will be able to listen to songs that I write and download and share – the more that can be impacted by what I receive, the merrier!

You can also click on the page ‘From the Pen’ to access all my blogs and read through at your leisure.  Still plenty of blogging to come over the new year so I hope you enjoy 🙂

And if you’ve not yet joined the email blog list, please feel free to do so here…

So, if you’re like me and running around attempting to be organised for Christmas, I bless you with the extension of time that you probably also need!!!

Cheers for now,