Would we still blog?

I’ve been thinking a lot of late about technology and how easy it is to blog, to share pis, music, ideas, etc. We are so blessed in this day and age that I wonder if we would still be motivated to share, to blog and postulate as much as we do if we did not have the luxury of the cyber world at our fingertips?

I wonder, if we did not have the concept of blogging, how many of us would continue to write even if we didn’t have an immediate audience?

I wonder too, if blogging provides a much needed sense of affirmation to us that is generated from the cyber activity that comes from our thoughts? ‘Likes’, comments, shares, being re-blogged or re-tweeted: all these things tend to buoy the writers sense of acceptance from the crowd.

to write is to birth what is already conceived...

to write is to birth what is already conceived…

So then, would I continue to write if I had no Internet, no ‘crowd’ in cyber land to connect to: would I still have the internal drive to write?
And of course, the big question: What then compels me to write in the first place?

As I ponder this question about acceptance, it leads me too, to consider memories that surface. Memories of wanting to be accepted in school by the cool crowd. Wanting to be noticed; to be affirmed.
Has the cyber world of real people become the peer group I desire to receive the above from? Am I in fact, just creating a virtual environment where finally, I have the acceptance and respect my 16 year old self craved?

All food for thought really, and hopefully a way of encouraging myself to get back into some real-world writing, without the WordPress site to motivate me. I used to write all the time, as much as I do now in fact, so am confident that my personal answer to the above question is that yes, I would still write despite the lack of virtual world. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something.

But these thoughts have caused me pause. Time to sit and reflect on my personal reasons for why I write. Why I feel compelled to say what I do. Time to evaluate if this is still something I desire to do or something I am doing because I want to see my stats maintained… Hmmm. More food for thought.

So then, is there a flip side? What’s the benefit of allowing cyber land platforms to motivate me and crowds of readers who I’ve never met, determine my likability?

Well, I’m not sure about other bloggers, but I do know this: when I open up a new post to write, I find myself wandering less on the page. I find myself choosing my words carefully, being sure that what I desire to get across, comes across articulately.

Maybe blogging creates a space for my mind to be switched on from the start, rather than meandering through mediocre ideas that may not transpire to be anything of worth.

Overall, my perception from these thoughts, is that I probably would benefit from being active both online and with good old fashioned pen and paper. There is a mental process that gets skipped when we type and from what I’ve been told, handwriting ideas maintains that link. So a bit of pen and paper will still be in my possession for those times when I really want to just write.

I think too, that I’ve been neglecting the personal side of writing and perhaps a reinstatement of that is in order. It’s one thing to share with the world thoughts that encourage, challenge and inspire. It’s quite another to just let a flow of consciousness stream from my pen with no thought to an audience.

So if there’s anything I think has come from my mental musings today, it’s that I have a couple of things to revive and that my friend, was worth every letter. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

I love and honour,



7 thoughts on “Would we still blog?

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  3. Immediate gratification and ways to meet the need for approval and acceptance are sneaky little devils that nag us sometimes. And they always attach themselves to something that was meant to be a gift that is good so that the gift has a hook in it.


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