Nothing like a freshen up :D

Well, after days and days of searching through website themes and tossing up numerous stylistic ideas, I have finally done some ‘freshening up’ here on WordPress to finish off the year.  Ultimately I am planning to completely update my official website but that’s going to take a bit more time and forethought so for now, feel free to have a peek and check out some of the new features on here.

New and freshened up website :)

New and freshened up website 🙂

You can now access my primary music site, where I have a plethora of songs and albums for you to listen to and choose to buy from as you desire.  I will be doing some more updating there too so stay tuned (haha, sorry ’bout that one).

You can find me at Reverbnation at where you will be able to listen to songs that I write and download and share – the more that can be impacted by what I receive, the merrier!

You can also click on the page ‘From the Pen’ to access all my blogs and read through at your leisure.  Still plenty of blogging to come over the new year so I hope you enjoy 🙂

And if you’ve not yet joined the email blog list, please feel free to do so here…

So, if you’re like me and running around attempting to be organised for Christmas, I bless you with the extension of time that you probably also need!!!

Cheers for now,



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