The Paradox of Love

The Paradox of Love

The Paradox of Love

What is it about Love?

How is it that we can be loved, feel love, receive love, give love when we can also see, parallel to this, the state of our heart?

Today I drew this little picture.  It’s no Rembrandt.  But it’s my way of trying to understand possibly the most paradoxical thing a human being will ever have to understand:  Despite all that I see in myself, good or bad, there is One who loves me…

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave…

He loved first.  Before I could do anything to prove my worthiness of his love…before I even drew breath…I was loved.

I call this a paradox simply because my mind is unable to comprehend the reality of my heart as I see it (which of course, can see every shade of my good and bad) alongside the reality of a Father who chooses to love me despite what I see.

I suspect he is well and truly aware of all my shades… which makes it all the more extraordinary to comprehend how he can love me regardless.  I’m no criminal or fiend…but I see the colours in my heart and until the day comes when I meet him face to face, I expect I will always live in awe and wonder at a God who made the choice before time began, to love me.


What's your thoughts?

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