Covered amidst the storm…

There are days that feel like I am walking uphill, backwards and wearing thongs (that’s flip flops for my US friends!) – in other words, just hard work.  And I know that I’m not alone in this.

Sometimes, life can be like a roller coaster and it’s not only my emotions that are feeling subject to unpredictable and challenging situations 🙂

I’ve been to that edge of darkness…where the internal mishmash of half-baked thoughts and un-caged emotions implode, creating a space where there is no light.  I know the face of depression as well as the hysteria of anxiety.

Covered amidst the storm by Miriam Miles

Covered amidst the storm by Miriam Miles

But I also know the quiet place of Love, the garden of peace where my heart, mind, body and soul can be restored, refreshed and re-calibrated.  I know this place because I have encountered someone who makes this place my reality…

I am covered by His peace, joy and love.  His mercy flows over me, melting away that which would desire to consume me, bathing me in the warmth of His light.

I am covered by Light Himself and no storm that comes will touch the deep places of my being again.


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