Permission for the season

Driving into Canberra, my heart is aroused by memories; a reemergence of childhood mindsets ready and waiting to be given voice. The stirring is heavier at this time, as I ponder the reality of my beloved Dad being gone now for 2 years.

Brought to mind then, is this reality and many like it, for others experiencing the same stirrings and memories. My heart is awakened to you today and the desire to bless you with mercy and grace in a time that can be awkward and demanding, frustrating and overwhelming, is foremost on my mind.

I too feel that pressure to be ‘ok’ – not a pressure placed upon me by loved ones, although I realise that for some you may be experiencing that – but more a pressure to conform to our cultural norms and be present in the moment of Christmas celebration.

So I stand with you, even though we may not stand shoulder to shoulder, and I send to you an embrace of permission.

Permission to let your heart take its time to navigate the unknown territory of grief and loss.

Permission to take stock and let your spirit, soul and mind let go as only you can.

Permission to cry and permission to laugh.

Permission to be real and honest and fragile.


If you are unable or unwilling to be fragile amongst those who you spend this season with, please know that you are not alone. Know that many are with you in this journey and you’re going to be ok. I will be ok. We will all be ok 🙂

May this time of joy and wonder bring to you also a season of healing, restoration and reconciliation.

Merry Christmas.

In love and honour,



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