What do you do with a day like today?

So, it’s 2:33pm, Sydney time.

Hmm.  Still sitting on my butt, ‘working’ on my laptop.

I’ve sent a few emails and avoided a couple too.  I’ve kept the telly on purely because when I turned it off, everything seemed so silent!

I’ve forced myself to eat some healthy food (so a win there) and updated some website stuff.  Oh, and put away the groceries.

Gee.  There’s a part of my brain that is screaming at me, right now, with phrases such as ‘lazy’, ‘unproductive’ ‘unfocused’ and ‘slovenly‘.


Then there is the other part of my brain whispering…’be at peace’, ‘no condemnation’, ‘do what works for today’.

So what do we do with days like today?  I see the reality of my husband working very hard and being an exceptional provider and a very work oriented servant.  His mind is always on the go, always doing what he can to improve the work he does, always working hard to provide for us as a family. He never chastises me  or judges me for being a ‘be-er’ rather than a ‘do-er’.

Never.  20 years. Never.

And then there is me.  Musician.  Writer.  Bum?  🙂  Perhaps it’s my self projection that is the issue?

What do we do when our brain is having its own little world war?  How do you navigate a day like today?

So far, now at 2:55pm, I have decided to do what I can do on a day like today.  Think.  I’m a good thinker.  And from those days where all I seem to be able to manage to do is think, comes songs, poems, blogs, concepts, ideas and new mindsets.

Perhaps there is no such thing then, as a wasted day?

Don't think poster



What's your thoughts?

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