All that is within me

Often times I am asked ‘How did you write that song?’, ‘How did you get those words to come together?’ and other intriguing and challenging questions!

So here are some thoughts from my heart to yours…

All that is within me by Miriam Miles.
All that is within me by Miriam Miles.

Earlier this year I was at my antique piano and just playing around with ideas.  As is per the usual, there are times when I get to a point of frustration and am dissatisfied until I hit a new idea.  So I will try lots of different chord progressions, keys, etc until I hit on something that ‘resonates’ with me (pardon the pun).

This was one of those times.  When I feel lazy, I’ll revert to chords I love, or that are easy but I wanted to push past that this time.

I was in an emotional state of frustration as well and feeling like I really hadn’t had much encounter with God recently and then I began to think about King David.

Suddenly as a melody began to waft up into my consciousness, and I began to play this ‘classical’ feeling arpeggio, the words of King David began to follow suit.  ‘My soul will magnify the Lord’

Well, that was all it took.

I also had some lines from an old attempt at a song that ended up making the chorus ‘seated on the throne…’

I spent a good hour or so on this song – it kind of developed bit by bit, section by section.  I love that it did because it’s made the piece easy to dissect and sing just one part or another at a time.

The most amazing thing for me about ‘All that is within me’ is the continual feedback I get about how it makes people feel when they sing it.  The first time we introduced it at church, it was well over 20 minutes later before we finally stopped playing, the flags stopped waving, the dancers stood still and the room finally went from spontaneous ruptures of joy to restless quiet waiting…only to have the congregation and Pastor spur us on to play it again.

I have NEVER had that happen before or since.  A feeling I will never forget.

Because of the intensity of this song, it has become the title track for my latest work ‘All that is within me’ and I hope that as you listen, you too are impacted by whatever it is that Holy Spirit has deposited on this piece.  I am truly privileged to have written it and consider it one of the Lord’s most treasured gifts he has given me.

Click here for your free download of All that is within me.  If you would like a lead sheet to use, royalty free, click here All that is within by Miriam Miles. Thanks so much for your support and be encouraged to share this song.

Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted…

So I am wondering today about how we measure our internal wellness. What scaffold do we put in place and what kind of planning is done in advance, for our personal wellness, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional?


Perhaps it's just time to slow down?

Perhaps it’s just time to slow down?









I think it wasn’t until about 4 or so years ago that I really began to take stock, realistically and candidly. Over this time, the concept of rest has been both my nemesis and my muse. I have researched, wrestled with and written about what it means to live in a state of rest as well as creating a lifestyle that incorporates physical time for rest.

And yet, I still have days where I look back and see times where I thought I was fine, only to realise that I’ve missed those small, almost imperceptible, messages that the body sends to the mind.

So how do we create a construct around our too-busy lives that enables us to take stock on a regular basis in order to preempt the onslaught of illness and general fatigue?

So far, all I have is what I’ve learned. You can follow some good suggestions like ensuring you get enough sleep each day, taking regular time out of busy routines and scheduling in holidays and time to just be by oneself. I think that all these suggestions are great and worth implementing but I do think there is something else at play that we need to recognise, acknowledge and action.

Our culture doesn’t make a lot of room for personal reflection although I do see glimmers of hope here and there. However, in my experience, this kind of reflection is something that we all need to implement regularly. It’s really got nothing to do with what we each believe or how we carry out our day-to-day. It’s about being a good listener. Listening to the march of time upon the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul. Listening to those little ‘feelings’ that flutter into our conscious thought and doing something about them, rather than looking behind and seeing the signs we missed and dealing with the consequences.

Overall, what I have learned so far, is that time stands still for no one. I’ve also realised that the notion that I don’t have enough time is a fallacy. I control the outcomes of my day-to-day to a large extent. Granted, there are times when one simply cannot control the events of a day or a season but by and large, we really are responsible for how we govern what time we have.

I’ve also learned that how I choose to respond to any set of circumstances is imperative to my personal well-being and overall health. When I make the effort to ‘carve out time’ I give myself a virtual ‘heads up’ and it makes room for me to keep on top of the busyness in life. You could think of it like an investment into my future. 🙂

So for now, this is really all I know. I’m sure in another few years I’ll have learned more but for now, I wanted to share it with you. Day by day, choice by choice, we move forward into time, taking advantage of it rather than it taking advantage of us.

I hope my words find you in a good place and that you are moving forward, day by day, into a deeper and fuller encounter with life.

In love and honour,


Working with what you’ve got

Taking time out to appreciate the simple things is as important as scheduling in priorities and to dos...

Taking time out to appreciate the simple things is as important as scheduling in priorities and to-dos…

Some weeks you look back over and you realise how stupidly blessed you really are. This week was one of those and it now being Sunday, I realised that its taken me the whole time to process and respond to the events I encountered on Monday.

So around 4 am I woke up from dreaming and was immediately struck by the severest dizziness I think I’ve ever felt. In the moment it took me a few seconds to realise this wasn’t the dream and was in fact really happening and I had to intentionally push down the panic rising in my chest as I forced my body to try to calm down. It took me the best part of a minute which seemed like hours – to still my brain enough to sit up and breathe.

After a 3 hour stint of waking-sleeping-waking-spinning I realised something was really wrong and I got my hubby to call the doctor. Between my mum and hubby they got me to the doctor then it was off to the hospital.

By this stage I was aware that any number of things could be wrong, including the ‘don’t mention that’ category and so I decided to spend my mental energy on being calm and at peace. A song that brought my attention back to God really helped in that moment and I just let it play on repeat in my heart throughout the day.

The long of the short of it is that I simply had a case of benign proximal positional vertigo which really just means very bad vertigo. Big long description for something non-life-threatening that forces you to look at any number of possibilities that could have happened and then thank God that they didn’t!

So this whole week, in retrospect, has been one of reflection as well as looking forward at the year to come. Looking at it from the perspective of what has happened to me this week, I have found myself rethinking some things such as how much time and energy I will choose to give to any given project and how much time I will intentionally put aside for the important things in life: relationships, healthy mental and physical health, reconciliation as needed and connection with old and new revelation.

Most importantly I feel this week has given me the opportunity to take stock of the life I have led and to be quite honest I am amazed at all that has transpired. What a life! Blessed is not the right word: it doesn’t say enough.

So as I come to the end of a rather unusual and certainly unexpected week, I am more aware of what I see as important and not important; imperative and that which no longer matters. I honestly don’t think I’d like to experience another one like it but am grateful for the little glitch that caused me to pause and take stock.

May your week be blessed beyond measure and your year be one to remember,