Working with what you’ve got

Taking time out to appreciate the simple things is as important as scheduling in priorities and to dos...

Taking time out to appreciate the simple things is as important as scheduling in priorities and to-dos…

Some weeks you look back over and you realise how stupidly blessed you really are. This week was one of those and it now being Sunday, I realised that its taken me the whole time to process and respond to the events I encountered on Monday.

So around 4 am I woke up from dreaming and was immediately struck by the severest dizziness I think I’ve ever felt. In the moment it took me a few seconds to realise this wasn’t the dream and was in fact really happening and I had to intentionally push down the panic rising in my chest as I forced my body to try to calm down. It took me the best part of a minute which seemed like hours – to still my brain enough to sit up and breathe.

After a 3 hour stint of waking-sleeping-waking-spinning I realised something was really wrong and I got my hubby to call the doctor. Between my mum and hubby they got me to the doctor then it was off to the hospital.

By this stage I was aware that any number of things could be wrong, including the ‘don’t mention that’ category and so I decided to spend my mental energy on being calm and at peace. A song that brought my attention back to God really helped in that moment and I just let it play on repeat in my heart throughout the day.

The long of the short of it is that I simply had a case of benign proximal positional vertigo which really just means very bad vertigo. Big long description for something non-life-threatening that forces you to look at any number of possibilities that could have happened and then thank God that they didn’t!

So this whole week, in retrospect, has been one of reflection as well as looking forward at the year to come. Looking at it from the perspective of what has happened to me this week, I have found myself rethinking some things such as how much time and energy I will choose to give to any given project and how much time I will intentionally put aside for the important things in life: relationships, healthy mental and physical health, reconciliation as needed and connection with old and new revelation.

Most importantly I feel this week has given me the opportunity to take stock of the life I have led and to be quite honest I am amazed at all that has transpired. What a life! Blessed is not the right word: it doesn’t say enough.

So as I come to the end of a rather unusual and certainly unexpected week, I am more aware of what I see as important and not important; imperative and that which no longer matters. I honestly don’t think I’d like to experience another one like it but am grateful for the little glitch that caused me to pause and take stock.

May your week be blessed beyond measure and your year be one to remember,



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