Now is the time to get things right…

Yesterday I recieved a phone call.  

It was one of those calls you can never prepare yourself for.  My Father-in -law had suffered a massive heart attack and was being flown to Sydney from their home up in northern NSW and my Mother-in-law was on her way down in the car.  

Throughout the course of the day there were many challenges to get through, including me getting the name of the hospital wrong and ending up at RPA (Royal Prince Albert) instead of POW (Prince of Wales).  Come on now, anyone could have done it! It was a genuine mistake 😀  It cost me an hour and a half in traffic, but we got there in the end.  And Pa, as he is affectionately known, will be ok.

What I came to think about at the end of the day was this:  nothing, absolutely nothing, matters more than relationship.  Simple.

When things like this happen, the phone rings off the hook and estranged siblings make contact and speak after years of who-knows-why-now-silence.  Brothers and sisters check in with each other to make sure they are ok.  Parents are hugged.  Hands are squeezed in the attempt to assure the one who is sick that they are loved and that there are no words right now.  Hands are squeezed back in silent but powerful recognition.



Morning sunrise over The Grand Canyon, Arizona by Miriam Miles



I woke this morning and my belief is even stronger than before.  

Relationship is everything.

Now is the time to get things right.  

Not the house, not the ‘look’ you’ve been working hard to achieve and the abs that have cost you a fortune.  Not the bank account or the name in lights.

Get relationships right my dear friend.  No longer is it time to hold on to the grief of the past, to who is right or wrong…I beseech you.

Now is the time to reach out the hand of reconciliation while you still can…



Let the light shine, sunrise over The Grand Canyon, Arizona by Miriam Miles


Let the light of love and absolution shine brightly upon all who you connect with.  Holding on to being right only makes you carry a heavier burden once the opportunity has passed by and no more words can be shared.



At the end of the day, sunset over The Grand Canyon by Miriam Miles


Absolutely nothing will remain other than the relationships we have. These are the enduring things.  When all is said and done, and all is lost to fire and flood, bankruptcy or theft, relationship is what you have that you can stand on.

2013 is a year for me where I have written some personal goals as well as some business goals and my most important one of all, is to reconcile that which needs to be reconciled.  I don’t care if it means I make less money.  I don’t care if it means my name is spoken about less and my songs are not recorded for the masses to hear.  I don’t care if I end up wearing out my favourite pair of shoes.  

It’s time dear friend.  

There are no more reasons for not ensuring that what needs to be reconciled, is reconciled; that what needs to be said is said; that what needs to be mended, is mended.

It won’t be easy 🙂  And it will take determination, resolve and opening of wounds.  But it will give opportunity for those wounds to be cleansed, healed.  And the future will be all the brighter for it 😀



In all her splendour, The Grand Canyon by Miriam Miles


May 2013 be, for both you and me, a year of great journeying, a year of fresh starts and mended hearts.

In love and honour,