Know who you are

Oh My Goodness… how long does it take a soul to finally accept what it has always known to be true?  My whole life I have had a love/hate relationship with my creativity… a bond that both strangles me and releases me, a capacity that drives my senses to confusion and yet compels me to strive for that ‘perfect’ sound, that ‘just right’ note… that exquisite phrase…

I have tried almost every kind of work there is.  Honestly, apart from becoming a Minor or a CEO, I’ve tried anything and everything that I have been capable to do.  And failed at every single one of them.  Some miserably 😀

Just now, I sit here at my laptop and keystation, attempting to create a piece of techno style music, pushing my creative skills to the edge for the first time this year.  My son sent me a link to a favourite artist of ours, Josh Garrels, and as I watched this perfectly produced and serene song come to life in yet another way (he always surprises us!), it dawned on me.

Begin to see who you are, become awakened to the possibilities of the freedom that you carry and become inspired to go further than you ever dreamed...

Begin to see who you are, become awakened to the possibilities of the freedom that you carry and become inspired to go further than you ever dreamed…

I am a composer.  I am a writer of verse, a scribe of sound, a manipulator of frequencies.  This is who I am.  No matter how many jobs I try to do, no matter how many ways in which I attempt to earn an income, one thing remains constant and true:  music is the colour palette of my soul and without it my world is just grey.

Of course I will always write in this kind of vein as well.  And I will always pick up a paintbrush and splash the colours that grow inside, onto a canvas and I will always strive to find new ways in which to be creative.  I must.  It’s in my DNA.  I cannot avoid it.  I’ve tried.

So today, with a new sense of recklessness, I plunge into the waters that have beckoned me since the beginning of time and choose to go deeper than I’ve ever gone before.

It’s okay to change your mind

Oh my, this was NOT my best choice of outfits!  And now it's on film for ever and ever :P  Oh well.  :D

Oh my, this was NOT my best choice of outfits! And now it’s on film for ever and ever 😛 Oh well. 😀

How often do you find yourself inundated with ideas as well as possible directions to take? I hear a lot of year 11/12 students going through this very predicament and it doesn’t seem to end with career choices.  I find myself, at the age of 38,  regularly overwhelmed with choices and if you’ve ever suffered with any kind of anxiety, you know the word CHOICE can be the gateway to total disengagement from opportunity.

So what do we do then?  How do we grapple this area of choice and selection and feeling like we’ve chosen/selected well?  And what do we do with the ‘What if’ phrase that stalls us – ‘what if I get it wrong?’ ‘what if I hate what I’m doing?’ ‘what if I fail?’…

It’s time to set the record straight.  Let’s begin with what stands in the way.

‘What if’ needs to go back to where it belongs – in a big ol’ box taped up and thrown into the trash.  This phrase and others like it, debilitate a person who is feeling in any way overwhelmed by choice.  Let’s replace it instead with something much more positive and productive.

Because here is the truth:  it’s okay to change your mind.  It’s okay to choose a direction, get there, discover it’s not what you thought you wanted and turn away from it.  It’s okay to say yes to something and then decide that no is the right answer.

The earth will still keep turning if I fail at making the right decision. Amazing hey?

One last thing:  failure is ONLY ever official if you let your last experience keep you from getting up off the ground and trying again.  If you let it keep you in the dust, then yes, you can call that failure.  No one wants to live like this.  So get up.  Dust yourself off.  Wipe your face.  Take a BIG breath and step forward.

Now that ‘failure‘ has become an experience and that experience is now, in this very moment of stepping forward, propelling you into a deeper understanding of who you are, what you can achieve, what you desire and how you’re going to go about being the very best version of YOU  that you can be.

So as you read this today, take heart dear friend.  You, me, and so many others are faced with choices all the time, faced with the challenge of getting past that daunting decision making process and faced with the fear of failure BUT as we stand together and remind each other that the worst thing that can happen is that we have to begin again, we can be courageous in our decision making, bold in our choice of direction and motivated to move past any hurdles along the way.

Blessings to you today!

In love and honour,


Be, just be

Just a quick one today.

How many times did you hear the phrase ‘so, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ from loving and caring family and friends when you were young?  And how many 4 year olds have you found yourself asking that very same question?  I know I’ve done it for sure!

Yep, it's really me :)

Yep, it’s really me 🙂

It occurs to me today that this question is well meant but is loaded with conditioning.  ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’  Well, hopefully you want to be who you already are!!!!  I think we inadvertently pressure the next generation into thinking that they have to choose to ‘be’ something.

Here’s my point:  you already ARE something.  YOU are YOU.  There is no other like you.  So how you can BE something or someone is really the wrong question for us to be asking.

I think what we should be saying (if anything at all), is ‘What are you passionate about?’  ‘What do you love doing?’.

Better yet, perhaps we should stop asking the question of such young minds and let them sort it out themselves.  Perhaps our role is not to steer and guide them into what is ‘right’ but to open the gate and let them walk through, giving them a gentle but firm push from behind.

Have a blessed day just being you 😀

In love and honour,


Behind the songs – Wonderful

Wow…what a cool and unexpected situation that brought about this song.  I was ministering out at New Life Baptist Church in Dee Why with my colleague Jane and the crowd was pretty small.  Numbers were down due to Greg and his team being away and so we just decided to do what we do best, worship God and see where Holy Spirit would take us.

A collection of worship songs to meditate on, sing with and be refreshed by.

A collection of worship songs to meditate on, sing with and be refreshed by.

So I sat at the upright piano and just did what I do, leading those who were there into the presence of God.

There was no fanfare that I recall.  Just a sweet gentle sense of Jesus.  As I played the piano and we just rested in between songs, the word ‘wonderful’ came up into my mouth and I sang it.  Then the word ‘counsellor’ so I sang that.  And so on.  The whole song initially only consisted of those two lines and two more:  Prince of Peace, Mighty God.

It seemed that it was just a time of spontaneous corporate worship but it was sweet, pure and gentle.

When I went home, I decided to have another go and the rest of the song spilled out quickly and seamlessly.

We now sing this one in church regularly and I am almost always reminded of it’s humble beginnings and how easy it would have been to just dismiss it as a nice ditty.

Thank you Holy Spirit for prompting me to dig deeper 😀

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