Behind the songs – Wonderful

Wow…what a cool and unexpected situation that brought about this song.  I was ministering out at New Life Baptist Church in Dee Why with my colleague Jane and the crowd was pretty small.  Numbers were down due to Greg and his team being away and so we just decided to do what we do best, worship God and see where Holy Spirit would take us.

A collection of worship songs to meditate on, sing with and be refreshed by.

A collection of worship songs to meditate on, sing with and be refreshed by.

So I sat at the upright piano and just did what I do, leading those who were there into the presence of God.

There was no fanfare that I recall.  Just a sweet gentle sense of Jesus.  As I played the piano and we just rested in between songs, the word ‘wonderful’ came up into my mouth and I sang it.  Then the word ‘counsellor’ so I sang that.  And so on.  The whole song initially only consisted of those two lines and two more:  Prince of Peace, Mighty God.

It seemed that it was just a time of spontaneous corporate worship but it was sweet, pure and gentle.

When I went home, I decided to have another go and the rest of the song spilled out quickly and seamlessly.

We now sing this one in church regularly and I am almost always reminded of it’s humble beginnings and how easy it would have been to just dismiss it as a nice ditty.

Thank you Holy Spirit for prompting me to dig deeper 😀

Click here for your free download of Wonderful. Thanks so much for your support and be encouraged to share this song.


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