Be, just be

Just a quick one today.

How many times did you hear the phrase ‘so, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ from loving and caring family and friends when you were young?  And how many 4 year olds have you found yourself asking that very same question?  I know I’ve done it for sure!

Yep, it's really me :)

Yep, it’s really me 🙂

It occurs to me today that this question is well meant but is loaded with conditioning.  ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’  Well, hopefully you want to be who you already are!!!!  I think we inadvertently pressure the next generation into thinking that they have to choose to ‘be’ something.

Here’s my point:  you already ARE something.  YOU are YOU.  There is no other like you.  So how you can BE something or someone is really the wrong question for us to be asking.

I think what we should be saying (if anything at all), is ‘What are you passionate about?’  ‘What do you love doing?’.

Better yet, perhaps we should stop asking the question of such young minds and let them sort it out themselves.  Perhaps our role is not to steer and guide them into what is ‘right’ but to open the gate and let them walk through, giving them a gentle but firm push from behind.

Have a blessed day just being you 😀

In love and honour,



What's your thoughts?

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