Can we afford to be fragile?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fragility and the human spirit. We seem to propel ourselves relentlessly toward being better, being healed, being perfected and none of these pursuits in and of themselves are bad. They are all worthy pursuits.

But what if amidst the pursuit we find ourselves lost, a bit broken or fragile or just plain exhausted? Perhaps the question isn’t so much ‘can we afford to be fragile?’ and maybe more ‘can we afford not to be fragile?’.

Can a thing broken still be a thing of beauty?

As I have been pondering all of these things, I found myself in poet mode today and this is what came:



Why is it we are

So obsessed

With the notion

Of success?

Why must we

Always win the race

Be the one to

Win first place?



Do we not see

The stark reflection

In the lines that

Cross our face?

That striving only

Brings us tension,

Makes the journey quicken pace?



Are we built

To be perfection?

Or can we relish

In incomplete?

Is it possible, I wonder

Just for once,

Not to be

The one to beat?



What if we were

Just as we are,

Naked, unsure

But not alone?

What if honesty

Was thought of

As the great pursuit

And skill to hone?



What if we could

Be so broken

That we found it

Hard to stand?

Yet somehow find

The missing pieces

Within another’s

Fragile hands?



Maybe we might

Find our moment

Where we feel

We really shine

Bring humanity

Together –

Maybe change

The course of time…



What if once

We come together

Lives could find

That missing piece?

Hand in hand

We all walk forward

Making one

And all complete?



Maybe then

The wars would falter

Friends and loved ones


Maybe then

Our thoughts could alter

The world and future,

For all time…

So I guess what I am thinking is that if we can take the risk to be fragile with others, perhaps a deeper and more lasting growth may occur in us each… and flow on to the world around us.
What say you? Are you with me?
In love and honour,
Miriam Miles

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