Why does rejection sting?

I’ve been thinking about why so many of us, myself included, prefer to not risk the sting of rejection over the potential of success and it has got me this far: rejection really hurts. Like, physically. There is a pain on the inside, around my heart, that ripples out when I feel rejected.

Time to be free

Time to be free

Maybe I’m the only one who feels it so tangibly, but in all honesty, this is what it is like for me. A physical reaction in my body occurs when I am rejected.

What I find interesting though, is that this reaction can also occur even when I perceive that I might be rejected.

So even if I haven’t actually gone to the length of stepping out into a place where rejection or acceptance can result, I can find myself already experiencing that physical pain on the inside. Perhaps it’s no wonder then why I get so hogtied when I try to move forward?

So what to do about this I wonder?

My initial thought is to try to deal with this perception that stalls me, this physical reaction to a perceived scenario. Maybe if I can find the root of it, I can rid myself of it and be more free to step out into the unknown?

In the meantime, all I have is what tools I already know.  Keep trying.  And if I fall over again, get up and keep trying.  Something’s got to give…right?

In love and honour,


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