I’ve just had possibly the most profound moment of clarity. I walked out of a job interview after 5 minutes because I realised how little suited I was to that work. It was freeing to say no and goodbye.

What happened next has taken me by surprise.

I was siting on the train heading home when I realised that I just cannot fit myself into any other mould than the one I am created to fit.

I am a creative. A writer. A singer. A musician. I cannot be anything else other than temporarily.

I have fought this for so long that I had almost convinced myself that perhaps I wasn’t really cut out to be a creative. That perhaps I had misunderstood my life’s direction. I had almost cut myself out of the picture that my dreams have been constructed from.
Tears welled up and splattered down my cheeks as I realised that I cannot run away any more. Simultaneously, a freedom from deep within has begun to burst up and into my vision. A crust that has been growing around my heart feels like its being smashed away, the broken pieces tumbling down into oblivion.

I know I am free.

So now begins the dance.


In love and honour,



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