Choosing to step out of my comfort zone

Recently I decided to take myself seriously.  I have always been a musician and a writer but have struggled for countless years to really get a break in either.  I would start with gusto then stall, run back into my shell and stay there for a while again.  I did this by convincing myself that the fear I felt must have been a sign that I was heading in the wrong direction, which in some instances was true, however not all.

This year I made a choice.  I chose not to allow this fear of the future intimidate me any longer or control my options in pursuing my dreams.  As a way of activating this new mindset, I entered into a couple of singing competitions and started up a little creative writing service so that all of my creative skills could be utlilised.

Well, the business is going very well and I am now working between 15-20 hours a week writing for small businesses, getting paid and loving it!

And the music?  Well, I made it through to the heats of the Fasttrack Singing Showcases here in Sydney and sang on Saturday night last week.  I decided to sing two original songs and the short story is that I made it through to the semi finals…and won the Feature Artist of the Week.

I also have a song nominated for the Australian Independent Music Awards which blows my mind!

Winning Feature Artist of the Week 2013

I cannot tell you what this all feels like.  I’ve never been much of a competitive person, let alone really experienced in the sensation of wining!  This new journey is insane.

I also want to thank the incredible friends and family who have journeyed with me thus far and the cheering squad I had on the night – couldn’t possibly do it without ya’ll!

So, I just want to encourage you.  Take hold of what it is that you’ve got burning in your belly and take a step forward.  Don’t’ look back and most certainly don’t stop walking forward!  It’s totally worth the ride!

Cheers for now.  I’ll update once I know more of what happens next 🙂


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