AIMA Finalist Song: All that is within me

So I came across this blog I wrote a while back about the first time we used ‘All that is within me’ for corporate worship and I thought I would reblog it.

This is the song that has been chosen as a Finalist for the Australian Independent Music Awards this year and I am really surprised and elated to have been selected.

So without further ado, here’s the blog.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Often times I am asked ‘How did you write that song?’, ‘How did you get those words to come together?’ and other intriguing and challenging questions!

So here are some thoughts from my heart to yours…

All that is within me by Miriam Miles.
All that is within me by Miriam Miles.

Earlier this year I was at my antique piano and just playing around with ideas.  As is per the usual, there are times when I get to a point of frustration and am dissatisfied until I hit a new idea.  So I will try lots of different chord progressions, keys, etc until I hit on something that ‘resonates’ with me (pardon the pun).

This was one of those times.  When I feel lazy, I’ll revert to chords I love, or that are easy but I wanted to push past that this time.

I was in an emotional state of frustration as well and feeling like I really hadn’t had much encounter with God recently and then I began to think about King David.

Suddenly as a melody began to waft up into my consciousness, and I began to play this ‘classical’ feeling arpeggio, the words of King David began to follow suit.  ‘My soul will magnify the Lord’

Well, that was all it took.

I also had some lines from an old attempt at a song that ended up making the chorus ‘seated on the throne…’

I spent a good hour or so on this song – it kind of developed bit by bit, section by section.  I love that it did because it’s made the piece easy to dissect and sing just one part or another at a time.

The most amazing thing for me about ‘All that is within me’ is the continual feedback I get about how it makes people feel when they sing it.  The first time we introduced it at church, it was well over 20 minutes later before we finally stopped playing, the flags stopped waving, the dancers stood still and the room finally went from spontaneous ruptures of joy to restless quiet waiting…only to have the congregation and Pastor spur us on to play it again.

I have NEVER had that happen before or since.  A feeling I will never forget.

Because of the intensity of this song, it has become the title track for my latest work ‘All that is within me’ and I hope that as you listen, you too are impacted by whatever it is that Holy Spirit has deposited on this piece.  I am truly privileged to have written it and consider it one of the Lord’s most treasured gifts he has given me.

Click here for your free download of All that is within me.  If you would like a lead sheet to use, royalty free, click here All that is within by Miriam Miles. Thanks so much for your support and be encouraged to share this song.


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