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What’s Your Calling? Words of Wisdom right from The Inbox

What can I say about calling?  Hm, I think that Jeff Goins describes the concept so well, that I’m going to just let him speak 🙂

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This post was sent to me today in my inbox and I just love how Jeff puts a concept together at a time that I need to hear it, and then sends it…right when I need to read it.  Clever.

His full post, Your Calling Doesn’t Always Look like You Think it Should can be read here, but I just wanted to share this little excerpt which touched my heart:

Little did I know as I was pursuing one path in life that my true vocation was hiding in the shadows, watching from afar like a distant love interest.

That’s the funny thing about a calling. It can sneak up on you.

Some people wait their whole lives for the right career, refusing to begin their lives until clarity comes. Longing for a vocation to complete them, they sometimes never find their life’s work.

What I’ve discovered is that the opposite is true. While we wait for our callings to present themselves, they are waiting on us to wake up.

Read the rest of Jeff’s insightful musings here.

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