Worshipping Without Music

Want to hear from God in a new way? Consider worshipping without using music as your foundation.

Think about these things:

* There are many ways to express worship
* Deep worship doesn’t necessarily mean musical worship. Quiet or even silent worship can cleanse the soul and connect our spirit with Holy Spirit
* Quiet times with God can be as vital and revitalising as breakthrough praise and warfare worship
* Some Quakers practiced silent worship that led to encounters
* Being silent offers God an opportunity to speak to us in ways that our songs can sometimes drown out

When we stop talking, he has more room to show us new things. When we cease our noise, we send him a message that we respect his desire to be the first to speak.

When we create a space like this, we open up the opportunity to grow through new encounters that may otherwise take us longer to find, or at worse, be missed all together.

How can we do this?

1. Settle your mind and wait quietly before God. This could take a few minutes to a bit more.

2. Don’t start praying. Seriously! We are waiting, not orating!

3. Remain patient as your mind lets go of what it thinks is important. Write down anything that keeps distracting you. Go back to waiting quietly.

4. Let God speak in his way and consider writing down anything you feel has been significant about your time together. Maybe he led you to read a scripture, or impressed upon you the need to just sit and rest? Whatever it is, take a moment to document your experience.

By giving ourselves an opportunity to spend some time in Gods presence without having to be vocal at the beginning, it gives us an opportunity to hear from him in a different way.

May your week be blessed with great revelations and joy.

In love and honour,



2 thoughts on “Worshipping Without Music

    • You are so welcome!! Being a musician, this has been a tricky one to learn, and I’m still learning, but well worth the effort. I pray you will encounter even more of his goodness as you let go of what we’ve come to know as the ‘right’ way to worship. Thanks for sharing!


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