Unravel My Skin


I don’t know much

About genre, or form

All I really know

Are the colours I’ve worn:

Metre, rhyme,

Rhythm and style

Awaken the words

Like a song in the night.




I thought I wrote songs,

Turns out I sing prose.

Turns out all those sounds

Would eventually come ‘round.

This new life that I’ve got?

It’s one that I chose,

Carefully shrouded,

It finally arose.


For there was a time

Where I hid behind lines:

Stave, key and melody,

Hidden behind time.

And there I remained,

Nearly wasting away,

Until I let go,

On that glorious day.


Wasn’t till I released

This magical beast;

Not until I said yes

To syntactical bliss,

That once again yoked

With my words, now we’re one,

That now I can sing

My words yet unsung.


So, sing well dear sentence

For in you there’s no pretence.

You’ve been born this day

Now say what you’ll say.

Unravel my skin

Release what’s been held:

The words that spring forth from

This deep hidden well.


(c)2014 Miriam Miles. All Rights Reserved.



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