Sometimes depression comes calling. It’s time to stop answering.

Sometimes depression comes calling. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore, because it creeps, quietly, slowly, taking it’s time. One door at a time, you enter in, initially unaware of the game, until eventually it sucks you in and you’re lost to the labyrinth within.

Feel familiar? Hm, I know this beast too. In fact, as I write this today, I sense it’s pull.

It’s a lethargy. A senselessness. A numbness that tries to take over the senses. The body wearies and the eyes become laden. The mind, sodden with claggy, muddy half-born concepts. The heart grows colder, isolating itself from the pulse of the mind, eventually taking you down and over the edge.

I write these things, not to scare, or to torture the psyche, but to reveal the occasional inward workings of my mind. I write these things to remain transparent.

I too suffer.

Sometimes for just a short while, a few hours perhaps. Other times I am not so fortunate and days go by before I realise how long I’ve been wandering around the labyrinth.

I write these things for you who know this place.

Rolling down the hill into a depressed state is not something easily understood. It’s not something that can really be categorised. It’s not even something that you can truly recognise each time, as it wears so many faces.

It is a chageling, a chameleon, morphing itself to suit your current circumstances.

It is wily, and therefore we must be wily too. On guard, day to day, minute by minute, we must stand against the assault.

Aware, awakened and alert.

R.I.P. R.W.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes depression comes calling. It’s time to stop answering.

  1. The more we share these experiences openly, the more we familiarize others, potentially the less isolation we have to face at the same time. I feel like a switch clicks when depression starts: its mild and fleeting at first, but I know from experience a storm is coming. At least I’ve learned in time how to prepare and ride it out. It helps. Thanks for your work.


    • I totally agree! Yesterday my son and I were talking about how creativity begets creativity. I think it’s so true. The more I write, the more seems to grow and crystallise in my mind. It becomes easier to put pen to paper so to speak. And I think that writing really can help when that switch is flicked. I know that feeling well. Sometimes I wonder if I even heard it! The more we share too, the more connected we feel, and this of course is another element to blogging that I think folks can use to keep themselves from going under. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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      • Creativity is a funny thing: it comes and goes at will, regardless of our intentions, so much so that the ancients imagined Muses providing or withholding inspiration at their whim. We can shift the odds though: the more we use it, the more we get, it seems. The more we keep our morale up, the more it comes to us, clearly. No guarantees, but our efforts are to at least some extent rewarded, and our sloth punished. Thanks for your feedback! Have a nice weekend as well…


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