Beta read my eBook and receive a free copy of the new version

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Beta read my eBook and receive a free copy of the new version!

This book was written in a day and sent out into the big bad world in August 2014. I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete a task that seemed insurmountable and I was really proud that I did it.

Now I want to refine the book, take it up a notch and make it a really valuable resource for everyone.

I’ve started but need your help. Click the link below and download your free copy of the current version. Send me 3 things that you think I can improve on/edit/remove and if you think there is something that needs to be said, but I haven’t, tell me 🙂

Your help will give me the chance to rocket this little manifesto off with a bang.



Miriam Miles

4 Common Sense Reasons it can benefit you to Self-Publish

Outstanding encouragement and a timely reminder that publishing attitudes have changed and we can move with the times.

The PBS Blog

Crazy Woman Drinking Wine

Twenty years ago, a book followed a routine process: You poured your heart and soul into a manuscript and when you finished it, you started calling agents and editors who most likely told you to send them a query letter. Next step was usually a book proposal, and a few sample chapters. Then the waiting game started, usually ending with disappointment. On the other hand, the option to self-publish was there, but it had a certain stigma; a stigma that still exists today: “Your book isn’t really published because you couldn’t get it accepted by a “real publisher”. A real publisher? Excuse me for not laughing my butt off, are we not  human beings? Or are Self-Publishers merely robots? Or are Traditional Publishers too foolish to know that the only difference between a Traditional Publisher and a Self-Publisher is that the Self-Publisher does everything themselves? Anyone can be a publisher.

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#WW Staying Focused as a Writer

Writing about writer problems must be in the air Shannon. Wrote my own thoughts today! Main point – think backwards when planning your schedule to get your book into print. Helps to keep the steps in order and stops me forgetting smaller points along the way. Great post by the way 😊

Shannon A Thompson

#WW Staying Focused as a Writer

Staying focused. It sounds simple but is all too complicated for many. It’s different for every writer, but I’ve recognized quite a few common stressors among authors. Some get overwhelmed by finding time to write and manage social media. Others can’t finish a novel without another one sneaking up on them. Some even ditch novels altogether. Like I said, it’s different for everyone, and there are many reasons behind the variety of #writerproblems out there. (Hence why there is an actual hashtag for such things.)

So, today, I wanted to discuss one I deal with as well as the ways I’ve kept myself in check over the years, but I would love to hear about how you manage your writing!

My issue is completing a novel when a new one suddenly demands my attention.

How are we supposed to concentrate on such a beautiful day? How are we supposed to concentrate on such a beautiful…

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